Vintage Sauna by American

vintage saunaOver on the Forum, EmbraceEphemeral spotted and posted this vintage sauna for sale. You know — the old fashioned kind where you get locked in like you’re in a refrigerator, but your head is sticking out. It was on craiglist in Indianapolis, $95 [link long gone.] Hilarious! I’ve started to categorize various “wonderful oddities” — “woddities” — that together we have spotted. I have more work to do, going back through my archives, but you can see the growing list of Retro Renovation woddities here.


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  1. Trouble says

    At least you can scream for help. Remember the cartoon where someone got stuck in one of these and their head stayed normal, but their whole body shrunk down? LOL

  2. gabby says

    yes, yes yes-this is definitely a cartoon appliance!
    I’m actually a big fan of saunas, but this just looks comically scary.

    The item I long for is a vintage “spot reducing machine”..
    like this:
    Wouldn’t it be swell to shake cocktails on one? I’ve always wanted to do that!

    These are funny too….roller massagers!

    Seems it could be really fun and silly to have a room full of this stuff for parties.
    In my gigantic dream house of toys, anyway.

    • Kyle Volk (EmbraceEphemeral says

      I used to have a Vitamaster Roller Massager! Everytime we turned it on, it made the lights dim! haha

  3. J.R. says

    Creepy cool. I would never think of using it for its intended purpose, but I’m a tad twisted and would probably turn it into BBQ smoker for the back porch!

  4. ElizaJane says

    You know how they always say to take the door off a refrigerator if you are going to leave it out on the curb for pickup, because someone could get locked inside and die? And yet this thing is actually designed to lock you inside, with no possible escape other than screaming your head off.shudder.

  5. says

    Why is everything cool several states away? I think its gorgeous! If it was closer, I would totally buy this and USE it. But Fogville is cold all year round so maybe thats just me. I’m desperate for warm! Of course I’d ask my husband to check on me every 15 minutes or so. It does seem like you could get stuck inside…

  6. Abre Pinon says

    LOL, I have one as well… Mine is torqouise and we restored it to perfect working condition and cleaned it up really nicely inside and out, so that I could use for detoxing my body at beginning of my cancer treatment. I LOVED IT!! But now I’m selling it… Mine is in California and since I’m in Mexico for treatment, and they wont let me bring it here… I figure might as well sell it and someone else can actually USE IT… Diane: YES YES YES… That’s what moved me to buy it in the first place LOL… I remember watching that as a kid and thinking WOW, I wish I had one of those… because I was a chubby kid and no girl wants to be chubby in school… the other kids were so mean… ANYHOW… I CANNOT count the number of times I’ve been asked WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING?? Oor, IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS? CAn I try it? LOL…. They are fun and relaxing… Put on some music, get one of your kids to play Spa director and put on some YoYoMA… it’s relaxation time… LOL

  7. Thomas Johnson says

    I have one of these saunas and its awesome it comes on but doesn’t heat up heating element must need replaced great shape any buyers out there …. thanks…

  8. laquita says

    I actually have one of these in my house I just bought and was trying to see if its worth anything cause where they have it sitting and how it looks is even more creepier than you all think mines sits in my half bath in the basement behind a door in the shower under the stairs! yeah behind a door inside the shower, tell me creepy! when I discovered it it made my stomach turn cause it was so creepy!

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