Reader-Pam’s lights are now on the Forum

A week ago I spotlighted Reader-Pam and her stash of 60 New-Old-Stock Imperialites. Well, she is now starting to post them for sale over on our Forum. I think her prices are pretty good. Remember, readers: Even if they are NOS, they need to be rewired professionally. On using the Forum: You must register first. Please: Read my tips within the Announcements section. The Forum can be frustrating to learn at first. But be patient and play around to get familiar with it. It is the best Forum I have found that also allows photos to be uploaded.


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  1. Tigerlily says

    Love the lights and want to purchase. However, the photos are so tiny. Are larger photos going to be posted?

    • pam v says

      i am sorry if i a fended you i work 50 plus hours a week and am trying to process multiple orders please email me back and i will try really hard to respond timely

      • pam kueber says

        Thanks, pam v, for giving RR readers a first chance at these. i left that comment up cuz i wanted readers to be aware there may be delays. thanks for your response!

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