Breaking news: 5 styles of mid century modern front door backplates — including atomic star — from Rejuvenation

reproduction mid century modern front door backplateOkay here’s more breaking news: five styles of mid century modern front door backplates, or escutcheons, launched by Rejuvenation in catalogs arriving today. These include the much-desired atomic star backplate. The style above, the Titan, is in three finishes — bright brass, polished chrome and bright chrome.mid century modern doorplate atomic star

There also is a more subdued star, the Atlas, also available in the three finishes. There also are three more subdued — but equally attractive reproductions on their website. Circles and squares. All of these look to be authentic reproductions of midcentury modern manufacturers. I am announcing this on a Saturday of a holiday weekend — cuz that’s when my catalog landed in my mailbox. I’ll get more info on the original sources during the workweek. These reproduction are around $200, or a bit more. One of their advantages, I presume, is that they are sized for today’s door-knob and -bore sizes. Link: Door sets from Rejuvenation.


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  1. TheStrongolis (nocoretro) says

    “One of their advantages, I presume, is that they are sized for today’s door-knob and -bore sizes. ”

    I would definitely say that’s the biggest advantage. It’s nice it also comes with the 5″ extender link for our original doors. I’m thinking the biggest disadvantage is the scale of the starburst itself though. It’s far, far smaller than the originals (which, of course, it has to be to fit on standard modern doors).
    Be that as it may – YAY! I’m so happy that they are making them – big or small. They are making them again, and that’s what really matters!

  2. kimmeth says

    Bummer, I keep getting an error message when I click the link but I’m extremely curious to see how they are sized as well.

    I got a beautiful original starburst escutcheon off ebay and then couldn’t find a knob to fit with the proper backset required for the width of the star – on a regular pre-drilled door some of these starbursts would land with a leg of the star right at the edge or overlapping the door itself by an inch or more. At first I wasn’t concerned because I was going to use blank slab door with a Crestview kit so it would be custom bored anyway but I just haven’t gotten around to resolving the backset issue yet so I wonder if these will work.

  3. Jana (Berniecat) says

    Don’t forget the Renovations starburst doorbell that matches the Titan! I was so pleased when I saw these! I ordered a bath shelf and towel holder. (see previous posting from Pam). I already had found a vintage starburst door escutcheon on ebay and a cute NOS NuTone starburst doorbell that I ordered from Pam’s Ebay carousel or I would have bought the Renovations reproductions. These reproductions are wonderful alternatives and are awesome! Thanks, Pam for letting us know about these great products.

      • Wendy M. says

        Thanks for the notice on this…I ordered one of the doorbells tonight! I was feeling discouraged earlier in the week (I bid on and lost on a vintage doorbell on ebay- it ended up going for $82+shipping). Problem solved thanks to you and Rejuvenation!

      • Jana (Berniecat) says

        I’m like Lynn-O-Matic, I haven’t gotten my hard copy catalog yet, but I found the doorbell in the online catalog.

  4. Lynn-O-Matic says

    Hey, how come everyone else got their Rejuvenation catalog and I didn’t? I would have been screaming when I flipped the page and saw all this new hardware. I actually once commented that I wished Rejuvenation would make these and someone told me not to hold my breath. Ha! Yay!

  5. Jana (Berniecat) says

    Ok, I couldn’t resist…. I think I saw the original doorbell for the Rejuvenations reproduction on Ebay. The Rejuvenations reproduction starburst doorbell looks exactly like the NOS Rittenhouse Lighted Chrome doorbell currently listed on Ebay. Too bad the reproduction can’t be sold for the price of the original ($ 3.45). 🙂 Even so, I think the Rejuvenations reproduction doorbell is reasonably priced and a great alternative.

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks, Jana — “Rittenhouse” is new to me. You are right – great doorbells! I will track these for future ebay carousels. Thank you!

  6. Lorraine says

    We bought a ranch house in 2008 that has about fourty of these starburst knobs with backings on the kitchen cabinets, needless to say we spruced up the cabinets added a dishwasher newer sized oven, garbage disposal….did I mention central air, granite counter tops. People are amazed and can’t tell where the old and new begin!

  7. Susan says

    Hi! I have a doorknob issue that I’m hoping someone has an answer to. The doorknob on my front door is in the very middle of the door. I’d like to replace the doorknob with the one pictured above but cannot find the appropriate internal hardware. I’ve already contacted the company above and they do not have it. And to answer an anticipated question, no, it is not decorative. It really works. Can I just keep the old hardware and put the new knob on it? Thank you!

    • Emma says

      I’m a few years late to the party, Susan, but hopefully you’ll see this and find it helpful.

      Since you probably can’t get a replacement latch for your old centered doorknob, there’s another option – total lock replacement.

      You actually CAN get brand-new keyed knobs that have a long enough backset to be centered on a door (usually 15-18 inches, depending on your door width) . In my research, I found only two extended-backset offerings, both from commercial lock companies: Sargent’s “8 Line”, and Yale’s “5400 Series”.

      Sargent’s knobs offer backsets up to 18 inches, and Yale can do even LONGER backsets – up to 42 inches (I’d love to see THAT door!). Both companies’ knobs come in common MCM finishes: brass, brushed bronze, and chrome.

      Being commercial-grade, the knobsets are pretty expensive ($250 to $350+ per set), and the long backsets likely make them special order items. However, you may consider total lock replacement a worthy investment, if it means keeping the period look and functionality of your door without modification.

      Here’s PDF files for each company’s extended-backset offerings:

      Yale (from their commercial line website; backset info on page 3):

      Sargent (8 Line Series knobs are on page 3; this PDF is from a lock supply company):

  8. Kelly says

    @Susan: I read another post somewhere about the same issue you have – they suggested calling Beeson Hardware (High Point, NC) for replacement parts. They have a website, too. (although I don’t see specifically what you’re looking for). Maybe a phonecall is in order!

    • pam kueber says

      I am not absolutely sure but would guess that polished chrome was more popular. You should ask Rejuvenation if they have any historic information to answer this question.

      Likewise, ask them about salt air resistance…

      Good luck.

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