Breaking news: Reproduction atomic star bathroom hardware — 5 coordinating pieces –from Rejuvenation

atomic star towel ring from rejuvenationThis is huge news for our readership and anyone renovating or spiffing up their mid century bathroom: One of the biggest BIGgest BIGGEST “wants” has been a towel ring replicating the atomic starburst — like the vintage Hall-Mack in Jamie’s bathroom here or these  vintage Star-Line atomic starburst here. Now, Rejuvenation has introduced this — and it includes a 5 coordinating pieces.

bathroom shelf with atomic star holder

For example, a bracket for a shelf…

mid century modern bathroom towel bar with atomic starburst

… A towel bar…

mid century modern style robe hook

… an atomic star robe hook — available in both single- and double hook…

mid century modern atomic starburst toilet paper holder

… even an atomic starburst toilet paper holder. Yes, there is an historical reference for even a starburst toilet paper holder, as uncovered by Nancy in this story and photo about vintage Star Line bathroom hardware here:



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  1. TheStrongolis (nocoretro) says

    And the hooks, and the glass shelf, and the toilet paper holder, and the towel bar!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY I’VE HAD ALL YEAR!

    My husband thinks I’m crazy because I’m over here bouncing up and down. It’s normal to get so worked up over a towel bar, right?!

  2. 52PostNBeam says

    This is amazing, it appears a story on retroreno, through the powers of Pam and her readers, have actually inspired / influenced this new-old product line? Everyone buy a set to say thank you!

    • pam kueber says

      Oh, I’d stop short of saying this is RR-inspired … I know the folks at Rejuv are always scanning for trends and that they are well connected via Bo Sullivan’s library to archival designs… I’d say: Yet another affirmation that mid mod — and I’d call these starbursts more “modest” than “modern” due to the kitsch factor — is hot hotter hottest.

  3. says

    Love, love, love, love, love!!!!!! I just bought new hardware for my bathroom and installed it but I’m seriously thinking I may have to get these towel bars and the toilet paper holder.

  4. says

    wooo!! Just ordered some! I’m so excited. They are a dream! I got out my vintage 50s shower curtain to inspire myself even more. My husband is also sitting and saying—okay, that’s nice. “look! it will be all shiny-shiny and clean and pretty!!” I say. 😀 Now just need to order my tile, pick out a sink and decide on floor. Then….um….do it. That’s the hard part. HA!

  5. karen says

    Just got the latest catalog in the mail today & saw these! But what impressed me even more was their new starburst exterior door set, “Titan”.

  6. Jana (Berniecat) says

    Don’t forget the wonderful star doorbell to match! It comes in 3 finishes and matches the fabulous “Titan” exterior door escutcheon set. 🙂

  7. Lynn-O-Matic says

    OMG, dreams really do come true!!! Insane, lustful, out-of-control amour fou here! Yeah, I know that’s redundant. But my heart is pounding I’m so excited. I thought I kept pretty on top of what Rejuvenation is up to, but I didn’t know this. Thank you, Pam!

  8. JKaye says

    A starburst just seems so uplifting. I bet when you see these details in your bathroom every morning, you leave the house in a really good mood.

  9. Jeanne says

    I SAW!!!! I just got my new catalogue and was looking through it while eating pancakes this morning. WHOA BOY!!

  10. hannah says

    OMG! It’s SO good to see some of the old styles come back! Someone is definitely taking note that the MCM craze is not going away. I think it’s all us baby boomers aging. *lol*

    Thank you so much for sharing all the goodies and where we can find them.

  11. says

    We hat the towel ring in our house when I was a kid! I WANT one, original of course, but the Rejuvenation repro might just have to do. Love it!

  12. says

    Hi all – I am about to list a set of what appear to be vintage Star Line bathroom accessories. We picked them up from an estate and were going to use them, but they don’t work with the rest of the style in the room (slight shift in plans). Watch for them later tonight on ebay…

  13. Michelle says

    I just won this towel bar on ebay to match the hand towel ring in one of the bathrooms of the 1958 MCM we’re buying. Any idea if it’s an original or a replica? From what I can tell, it matches the one in the house perfectly, and I’m fairly certain that one is an original. Either way, I’m SUPER stoked about it!

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