Parts, service and advice to fix old stoves and other vintage appliances – 9 online resources

parts and service for vintage stoves and appliances

Earlier this year I wrote a story with ideas about where to get your vintage appliances, including stoves, repaired. My focus was on helping you find local suppliers — old time repair shops — that could help you out. But, readers also chimed in with some great comments. I strongly encourage you to read that original post, along with all the Comments. In particular, though, I wanted to call out the online resources suggested by reader Patrick Coffey. He seems to have pulled together a great list of both companies and community forums that can help you connect with parts, service and instructions to help get your vintage appliances and stoves back in tip-top shape if you are unable to find local repair shops that can do the work for you. Patrick writes:

There are a host places to go on the net that can definitely help you with vintage appliances….both major AND small.

  • Repairing vintage washers, dryers, dishwashers and other major appliances — For advice and help on repairing vintage major appliances…try asking for advice at my favorite website — Automatic Washer – believe it or not there are a A LOT of people (some of which frequent this site) who post on that site that have actually restored vintage major appliances from the likes fo early automatic washer and dryers to dishwasher, stoves and fridges. People at the site are always willing to give advice on where to find parts and even tell you how they fixed problems like ones you might be having. Also you can see pics and videos of some of the awesome restored appliances.
  • Repairing vintage stoves — Also there are sources like The Old Appliance Club that can help you find parts.
  • Repairing vintage stoves and refrigerators — There is also Jowers Antique Appliances that restores vintage stoves and fridges and has some replacement parts for stoves and fridges (check their site for specifics).
  • Repairing vintage toasters and waffle irons — Now for small appliances like toasters and waffle irons there is Micheal Sheaffe in New York who runs Toaster Central. He restores and sells old toasters, waffle irons, and Sunbeam Slow Cookers.
  • Repairing Sunbeam toasters — If you have a Sunbeam Self lowering Radiant Control Toaster that needs a adjustment take a look at this web site Automatic Beyond Belief. This web site is dedicated to the self lowering toasters that Sunbeam made from 1949 to 1997.
  • Repairing vintage electric mixers and coffee grinders — For vintage mixers and Kitchen Aid Coffee Grinders there is Deco DanCheck out his site.
  • Repairing vintage vacuum cleaners — For advice about vintage vacuums there is, which is the website for the Vacuum Cleaner Collectors Club. This is actually a sister site to, and you will find as many knowledgeable vintage vacuum folk here as you will find anywhere.
  • Repairing vintage ceiling fans — Last but not least if you have a vintage fan that needs a hand (sorry couldn’t resist getting cute) go to,   home of the Antique Fan Collectors Association.
  • As for me I am lucky I have a tv guy, a radio guy, and a small appliance repair shop all with in a half hour of my pad that will fix my vintage stuff……..

Last but not least some important reminders:

  • I do not have personal experience with these resources, so I am not endorsing them.
  • Please make sure that you do your own research to verify that you are working with safe, experienced, licensed professionals.
  • While some of these sites may include information focused on Do It Yourself projects, Retro is not a DIY site. So please –>
  • –> Do your own research — consult with licensed professionals — regarding the environmental and safety issues related to using or repairing vintage appliances — there can be vintage nastiness like lead and asbestos in vintage materials including appliances — and then of course there are the wiring issues and lord knows what else. Be Smart, Be Safe.

And, as Lara Jane commented in the original story:

To follow up on Pam’s post, I know a lot of people on other home improvement sites were scammed by a guy restoring vintage stoves (some they’d sent to him, some were advertised on his site). Be careful who you give your money to, and if possible, use a credit card with buyer protection!

Many thanks to Patrick for this great contribution to the blog, and to Julie, Lara Jane, and all the others who provided additional ideas on the original post. Keep ‘em coming!

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  1. Linda Finch says

    Loved exploring your site and found so much great stuff!!…however, not what I’m currently struggling with. I have a ‘not-quite-vintage’ (I guess) 1983 Litton-Aire combination Microwave Range that is still working, for the most part, and I don’t really want to replace it, but get it tweaked….any ideas?? I cannot even find any references to it on the web…anywhere!!!

    • pam kueber says

      hmmmm…. i don’t know about this one…. i guess i’d suggest talk to the other sites that focus on old appliances (listed in the story). good luck.

  2. Kelly says

    Hi all-
    I am trying to re-paint my glorious wall fridge that I bought from my neighbor. It came with the original 1954 Instruction Manual too! It’s had years of love but I needs repainting. Pam directed me to best paint for the job, but I lack knowledge and skill. Can anyone tell me HOW to repaint it? Do I need to sand it? Prime it? It made my Dad cry when he saw it- we grew up with one out here in West Texas. Please help!

    • pam kueber says

      I am not an expert on this. However, I do advise: Please remember that old paint can contain lead — be sure to consult with a properly licensed professional before you proceed so that you know how to handle.

  3. Kathy King says

    We purchased a 1940′s Frigidaire double oven electric stove Model RJ 70 and used it for about 6 weeks…super nice and wonderful until an electrical problem erupted behind the burner knobs. I can’t figure out how to get the top off without possibly removing the sides which is what the oven is standing on. Does any one know of a reputable repair person for old electric appliances in the Kansas City area? We are located in the southwestern part of Johnson county Kansas. Thanks so much, Kathy

    • Patrick Coffey says

      Kathy what you need to do is go to and join the group (its free) and post your brand & model # of you range… the gang there should be able to help you and someone there might even be able to get you a service manual for your stove.

  4. Patrick Coffey says

    Oh and Kathy I also for got to say how awesome I think it is that you have the stove in the first place and that you want to try and fix it instead of instantly wanting to throw it on the scrap heap…I tip my hat to you dear lady.

    • Kathy King says


      Thanks so much for the advice and super kind words! I will join the website right away! Hope you have a wonderful day :) I’ll let you know what luck I have on getting it fixed.


      • Kathy King says


        I had a friend come out and with the help of the manuals I got form the other web sire you recommended, we got the stove working but we had to bypass the hot pot…

        thanks so very much!


  5. jeri says

    hello, I’m hoping someone can help me find a vintage refrigerator…I just bought a 60′s cottage and it’s still all original kitchen, except the fridge is modern….would love to find a nice good working one…..any ideas of where I can find one… i’ve thus far searched ebay , but none are available in my area of venice , florida…… any help to locate one would be appreciated… thank you … jeri

  6. jessica says

    I was wondering if anyone knew where to sell my GE double wall oven. I’m not sure about the year. Maybe a 1950s-60s model. Its really cool looking I think. It has a copper brown enamel glaze on the doors with chrome around it all. It works great but like many others my kitchen is in dire need of an update (its really u*** [edited]… trust me!) Hopefully someone knows where to take it before my husband tries to take it and dump it.

    • pam kueber says

      See our FAQs up in the navigation, jessica. We have a “where to buy” story – to sell, just consider the instructions in reverse. Good luck.

      • Kathy King says

        Where are you located? My daughter goes to Vassar in the north east and lives in Noyes which is on the national register…from the same time period. The are looking for a replacement oven in the main student kitchen.

  7. says

    Please could anyone help?
    I am Resident in the UK & own a O’Keefe & Merritt 4 ring, 4 oven Vintage Cooker. I Bought it in the States 20 years ago & shipped it to Britain & installed it in my London home
    I now need it renovated.
    Can anyone help me locate a Vintage Renovator in the UK?

  8. Bill says

    i been trying to find information on a older GE electric stove. I browsed through your page where you had pics of older stoves. I saw the exact stove pictured there that I own. I tried to contact manufacture and they could not tell me the year of stove. I think the stove is from the 50′s i have. I would like to find out the year.
    Any suggestions would be helpful.

  9. Debbie Eden says

    We have a 1964 airsream globetrotter trailor and we are trying to find someone to restore the stove/ oven it’s a magic chef

  10. Liz lanz says

    Help! We have an early 60s Fridgidare double wall oven, house built in 1962and it is original. Size configuration prevents replacement without taking out cabinetry. Wiring issue rendered clock and timer inoperable years ago. Now oven temperature is way off (25 degrees), I believe due to door installation in need of repairs. Anyone available in Portland, Or.area to bring it back to it’s heyday. I would even go through the agony of cleaning it if new life were possible. ThNks

    • pam kueber says

      Liz, you need to check with the resources listed in this article… also see our story on where to buy vintage stoves – one of those places may be able to help. Use Search box to get to article. Good luck.

  11. Donald Rye says

    I recently saved a 1948 GM Frigidaire Refrigerator from being scrapped and would like to restore it. One item I am having trouble finding is the door handle. The latch on the side is there but the handle was removed years ago I’m told because of the fear of children getting locked inside. I’ve searched the internet, EBay and Craig’s list with no success. Does anyone know where I might find one? Antique Appliances said they don’t deal in those kind of parts. Any help will be appreciated.

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