NOS 1970s bathroom sconces, shelves, toilet paper holders and soap dishes from World of Tile

NOS vintage black ceramic porcelain italian bathroom sconcesUpdate: World of Tile has now closed. See our story on the liquidation sale going on through about Nov. 15 here.

On my second visit to World of Tile — the epicenter of New Old Stock tile and accessories for your vintage bathroom — I spent more time admiring these sort of strange but very interesting 1970s (I think) bathroom sconces and fixtures including soap dishes, toilet paper holders and shelves. They are black porcelain ceramic… they have very organic, rounded shapes… I am pretty sure they are Italian, because so much of what’s in-stock at World of Tile came from Italy… the prices are totally fair… and I think they would look amazing in a 1970s or 1980s retro bathroom renovation.

1970s bathroom sconce modern italian black ceramic
Above: I don’t think this sconce gets a shade. Use a frosted bulb.

1970s black porcelain bathroom soap dishesHere’s the whole set…

1970s black porcelain toilet paper holder modern italianDig the toilet paper holder.

italian glass bathroom sconceHere is another bathroom sconce — chrome fittings with pieces of glass acting bolted on. There were glass shelves and towel holders to match these sconces. So sorry that I do not have more photos — second visit, head stillll spinning. Guess I need a third visit…

smoked glass bathroom shelves and toilet paper holdersThere was a series of this whole style, as well. Kind of… smoked glass. These could very well be from the 1980s.

italian glass chandelierI am betting the glass bathroom sconces came from the same manufacturer as the chandeliers in the next room. See this story for more photos of the Italian chandeliers.

Where to buy: World of Tile, Springfield, New Jersey


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  1. says

    I grew up during the 1970s, and I don’t want anything to do with the home or clothing fashions of that time again. One time through was more than enough!

    I live in a 70s ranch (my second), and it’s being renovated in the vein of Prairie style (they share a lot of similarities). I mean really…marine blue bathroom fixtures? Brown walls inside and out? Glass moon globes and panel chandeliers? No thank you! You may keep it all.

    I know that the style will eventually make a come back, and there will be someone out there who wants to refurbish a 70s ranch back to its ‘former’ glory (if you could call it that), but I will run as far in the other direction as I can get. lol

    • MCM is Grand says

      Yes, yes! I hear you! We are planning to demo the 1970s kitchen in favor of a 50’s kitchen…will anyone look back and lament the departure of my brown vinyl floor, creepy wood laminate cabinets and fake butcher block counter?

        • Pam Cashman says

          On your video about your blue bathroom, what color blue tile did you use. We need replacement tiles and yours looked to be the same as we have.i don’t have a sample to send but yours looked very much like ours

          • pam kueber says

            The tile was Heron Blue from Maple Leaf tiles. New. I don’t think they offer it any more now. See my stories on World of Tile for replacement tiles. You will need to give them a sample to match, though.

  2. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    Pam, you are right about the smoked glass set being from the 80’s. The 90’s, too. I wanted something very much like them for my bath remodel in 1992, but they were out of my price range at the time.

    You keep showing this stuff, I am thinking I will have to take a vacation trip to New Jersey.
    And soon! My kitchen plumbing has two leaks, the ugly laminate is coming up all over, I have stopped cooking because there is no work space, we no longer use the downstairs bathroom because it is so scary weird looking. Time for all that work I keep putting off.
    I need to do it before I start my class in reupholstery. That is your fault, too. I keep seeing too many gorgeous pieces of upholstered furniture on the site, but in real life I only find things that need new fabric. I am going to fix that!

  3. Meem McLean says

    We have a house built in 1950-ish. Bathroom is not a bright clean pink, but a pinkish brown or a brownish pink…..Maroon trim tile. Dealing with this color. I just wish it were really pink pink. Meem

  4. Jana (Berniecat) says

    World of Tile, World of Tile
    Offers tile by the mile,
    Now it has
    elements of ’80’s style.
    Lights, sconces, soap dishes
    For the “’80’s phile”….
    World of Tile, World of Tile,
    The store that keeps on giving
    Regardless of decade style!
    World of Tile, World of Tile,
    The store that still holds surprises
    Regardless of decades of the style!
    World of Tile, World of Tile,
    We love you more,
    Because of your
    Never ending style.

  5. kathy hora says

    I looked at my Ladie’s Home Journel yesterday…only to find an article praising the destroying of a PINK bathroom….only to replace it with one that looks just like everyone else’s. I don’t understand how anyone could want their house to look just like everyother home on their block, it broke my heart!
    I fired off a letter to the editor stating all of the above…I hope they re-think that whole article. It just made me so sad!
    Or maybe they will do an article on free-thinkers such as us…we LIKE to be different!

  6. JoStar says

    Do you know if the World of Tile is OK following Irene? There was a lot of flooding and damage in Springfield. I hope everything and everyone are OK!

    • pam kueber says

      Becky, World of Tile now out of business. See our research on where to find these in Bathroom Help / Accessories category.

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