Breaking news: Crestview Doors introduces 6 decorative, midcentury-style wall screens / room dividers

decorative wall screens from crestview doorsUPDATE 2014: It appears that Crestview no longer sells these panels online.

This news just out:  Crestview Doors announced just this morning that they have introduced six styles of mid-century inspired decorative wall screens to the market.

room dividers mid century style
“Redi-Screens™ may be used as doors, partitions, or room dividers, but it is their striking and luxurious look that sets them apart from anything else on the market,” says Christiane Erwin, President and CEO of Crestview Doors. “Crestview Doors recognizes the demand for home décor that is functional and classically beautiful. Redi Screens™ can separate spaces and create privacy while enhancing the overall visual aesthetic of the interior landscape.”

Crestview — which is well known for its doorlite kits — launched the new line today.  These pre-assembled decorative screens feature six modern patterns inspired by vintage textile designs.  They are made in Austin, Texas — carved into stain-grade maple and bound by hand into a maple frame.  Redi-Screens™ are available for purchase at Crestview’s website and start at $213 (Update: there was a significant price increase July 15, 2013. Redi-Screens™ now start at $1,215 each).

Redi-Screens™ may be ordered online in any of three standard widths (24”, 28”, 32”) and two standard heights (80”, 96”). Each screen measures 1-3/8” deep and, if privacy is required, also can be ordered with a translucent resin backing that transmits light yet offers full privacy. Redi-Screens™ can be installed as sliding doors, pocket doors, articulating doors, room partitions, room dividers, hanging or mounted screens.

I also asked owner Christiane Erwin for more of the “back story” about how this product came about. She writes:

“Sure!  The story is kind of fun, actually.

There was a mid-century homes tour here in Austin in 2008, hosted by the Heritage Society, and they were hosting lectures on MCM architecture and interior design in conjunction with the tour.  David (my husband and co-owner of Crestview Doors) attended a lecture by Dwayne Johnson, executive director of the Galveston Historic Foundation, and was intrigued by a photo of sliding wood room dividers with a unique organic pattern.  (Later an antiques appraisal would suggest they were a Herman Miller design; we have never been able to verify this claim.)

Dwayne allowed David to digitize a version of the pattern hoping for an opportunity to reproduce it someday.  In fact, Dwayne hoped to have the screens reproduced for his own 1960’s-era home, but soon after we began to gather the materials for the project, Dwayne’s coastal home was destroyed by Hurricane Rita.

Here is the digitized version of Dwayne’s photo:

Retro Sliding Screen Panels

When customer Celeste Poston approached us about putting period-appropriate doors on her wet bar, we sent her a few mockups, and she chose this pattern.  Here is the before/after shot:

decorative insertShe loved them so much that she came back to us later to request additional doors for her media room.  Here are the photos:

Redi-Screens - "Morocco"

Redi-Screens - "Morocco"

Of course, we were floored by the results and so were our fans!  They told us that they needed screens like this too: to be used as hinged room dividers, sliding doors, or mounted space separators.  We decided to offer the option of a white resin backing for uses where privacy is a concern (we’re replacing our own bathroom and closet doors with the “Casbah” pattern, for example).

Standard sizes are available on the website, but you know how retro homes are – everything was custom created back then, so we offer custom sizes when “standard” just won’t do.  We can’t wait to see how people use them!


Thank you, Christiane — and good luck with the new-product launch — I think this fills a real niche in our mid century marketplace today.

For another source for mid century accent panels, see our story — Mid century modern lattice from Acurio Latticeworks.


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  1. duki says

    OMG! Just yesterday(who knows, maybe the same time Pam, you were posting this) I was thinking how I would LOVE a mcm design floor to ceiling partition/room divider. Voila! You ask and you shall receive! Thanks Pam & Crestview Doors!

  2. Debbie says

    Amazing. Crestview was nice enough to make a custom size of their mod millwork (love beads pattern) last year. My carpenter fit it into a space between my living/dining area. A huge improvement for less than $100…however, it’s not real wood, but works positioned high with trim around it!

  3. Bruce says

    WOW! Just found this website and it is kick butt! I just bought a Streng Atrium Home and these panels would make sweet closet doors!!

  4. Laura says

    When I saw these it immediately made me wonder if they (particularly the geometrics) could be used to create mid-century style molding on garage doors similar to examples that Pam’s posted in the past about Crawford Garage Doors. Would they work for exterior applications, I wonder? I have a 1950’s era detached garage that is blah plain, and I’m looking for do-it-yourself jazz-ups.

  5. Debbie says

    For SURE I’ll be using these either as a headboard design or living room decor behind my couch AND kitchen/dining room divider.


  6. June Cahill says

    Wow! I’ve been looking, like for 5 years for retro room dividers – and now I can just buy them? Sorry I’m late to this ‘link’ – guess I was travelling when this was originally posted – so happy I found it!! Yipee!!!

  7. Chelsea says

    I can’t wait to get these for my Moroccan inspired lounge area in my home. I was going to separate that area from the other living room area with curtains…now I will be able to combine them for an even better aesthetic. Can’t wait!!!

  8. m wheeler says

    Everywhere you look it shows these screns as “starting at $213”. Only problem is you go to the website to order and they Start at $1215!!!

    Wish I had know that to start with.

    • Kate says

      m wheeler — we have updated our story to reflect Crestview’s recent price increase — which just took affect July 15th, according to their Facebook page. Thank you for alerting us to this change!

  9. Tara says

    Ahhh glad I ran across this the Company in Alabama had to close!! I have been wanting this option ever since we moved in our hopefully forever home!!! Can’t wait to see more!

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