Vintage lighting superstore discovered in Virginia

vintage lamps

replacement glass for vintage lights

another source for replacement shades

Check out this store in Hampton, Virginia — two stories chock full of vintage table lamps, boudoir lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, sconces, and replacements globes, shades and parts  — spotted by Suzy aka Georgia Peachez. You will recall, Suzy is world famous for her Christmas wreaths made from vintage ornaments. She writes:

Cody’s is a lighting store like no other place on this planet. Two stories of vintage lighting fabulousness. Hundreds and hundreds of lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, wall sconces, shades, you name it. All vintage. No repro here, just the real deal.

Pilgrimage to the Lamp Love, anyone? If so, be sure to take photos and send me more reports! See nine more, eye-popping photos over at Georgia Peachez’ blog. Thank you, Suzy!

Update: Thanks to Kelli, who let us know that Cody has now posted photos to a website here  … that said, I need to give them a call and let them know we’re more interested in seeing mid mod and late pre-war, rather than the Victorian lights they’ve posted…


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  1. daniel says

    this looks like it could be really cool. most of the stuff is probably not worth bothering with, but i want to search through this place so badly. good thing i go to williamsburg at least once a year… will definitely take 60 and check out what’s down there.

  2. Justin says

    There is a lamp place here in the Phoenix, AZ area that they have a large assortment of lamp parts. They have a few vintage lamps but mostly they sell parts. The name of the place is called Wizzard of Odds.

  3. Calli says

    In that main picture on the bottom shelf I spied my childhood bedroom lamps—the swirly, squatty white lamps with the handpainted rosebuds. Wish I still had them >sigh<

  4. brneyedgrl80 says

    WTH!? Are you trying to make me broke Pam? lol

    I’ve been scouring the internets for a nice dining room light and have found a few on Etsy, but they’re all a bit out of price range so I’ve been saving up for them. And now this!

    Sigh… I guess my search isn’t over afte rall.

  5. KelliM says

    I emailed him as I live in Texas and won’t be in the area any time soon and am looking for a hanging light fixture made out of a round butter dish.

    I quickly recieved a response from him letting me know he had a few more pictures posted at:

    Wish I could visit.

  6. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    Another miracle!
    I dropped my pole lamp when I moved and broke two of the three bullet globes. I think I will email him a picture of the remaining one with measurements, and see what he can do for me.

  7. RetroSandie says

    OH MY! My heart started beating wildly as I took in all the pix!! Oh heavens, if it were only closer…I would drool all over those lamps and their vintage shades!!! 🙂

  8. TappanTrailerTami says

    O-M-G! I’m actually so THANKFUL they are 3000 miles from the west coast. This store would mean bankruptcy for me, for sure!

    Antique and vintage lighting is my # 1 weakness….tile is great, but lights are the bomb for me. Antique lights is also the reason I wish I could have 6 different houses so I could go hog wild with every era of vintage lights and lamps!

    • Lynn-O-Matic says

      I’m with you, Tami! I love lamps and light fixtures more than just about anything else. My whole house would look like a lighting store if I had my way. I only aspired to do each room in my house in a different era, but six houses–now you’re talking!

  9. Will says

    Pam! I’ve been there many times, they are only a mile or two from my house. They are amazing. They literally have everything from every-era. Would you like for me to go by and take some pictures?

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