Reader giveaway: Win a Walter Crane Lion & Dove poster from Bradbury & Bradbury

walter crane's lion and dove illustration turned into a posterUpdate: Entries closed. I selected the winner via Random Number Generator: Natalie. She responded… and the poster is on its way to her. Congrats, Natalie, and thanks to Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers for the prize, and thanks for playing, everyone!

Did you know that Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpaper also offers several posters made from their document wallpaper reproductions? I am launching another new feature — more frequent reader giveaways — and asked owner Steve Bauer, who I have known since like Day 1 of the blog, if he’d like to offer up our first prize. He was happy to oblige. This poster — The Lion and Dove — comes from an original illustration by Walter Crane in 1901. While not 1950s or 1960s mid mod — it certainly was the kind of neo-Victorian revival we saw in the 1970s. It’s always fun to mix things up — and hey, it’s free if you win. Click on through for more info on the poster and how to enter to win it –>walter crane lion and dove illustrationThe poster (see the dimensions here) actually has an interesting, historical story, Steve explained on the Bradbury Blog:

This magnificent work was originally the creation of the talented and prolific 19th century illustrator (and social activist) Walter Crane, it being his critical response to the bloody and protracted Second Boer War (1899-1902) fought between British forces and two South African republics.

In this very floral design (c.1901) Crane features the belligerent British Imperial Lion being gently pacified by the white Dove of Peace. The meandering banner text “The Wilderness shall blossom as the ROSE” is a paraphrase of the prophetic words found in the first verse of the Bible book of Isaiah, the 35th chapter.

How to win this giveaway — it’s easy:

  • Just leave a comment below about where you would hang the poster — or something else poster-etic or amusing — or, just ‘gimme’.
  • U.S. and Canada only.
  • Pam will pick by Random Number Generator next Tuesday morning, Oct. 11, 2011.
  • You must answer my email that you’ve won within 7 days, or I’ll go on to the next person. I ain’t chasing after you. Make sure your email address is correct.
Thanks, Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers for the gifty. Disclosure: They are an advertiser; this isn’t strictly part of the deal, but I offered this opportunity to participate in a giveaway because of their longstanding support of the blog.


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  1. Francesca says

    Oh, I like free stuff! I would put it over my sideboard, which is arts and crafts and belonged to my grandparents and displays my collection of mid century pitchers. I’m all for mixing things up!

  2. Shar says

    We are trying to buy a 1910 Bungalow and I’ve had my eye on this image for our new home. Winning this would cinch the deal and make our new house a home!

  3. Michael Hurley says

    Very cool! I love Crane’s work along with the whole English Arts & Crafts movement. My wife and I are slowly decorating our entire house in Arts & Crafts and Eastlake style. Crane’s work fits in beautifully. I’ve actually looked at Bradbury & Bradbury’s wallpapers before and wished we could afford them! This particular poster would look gorgeous in our Living room, especially once we put in the dado panels and chair rail!

  4. Emily says

    This would look great in our sage green guest room in our 1929 house! We’ve only lived here for a year and are still looking to cover the walls with art.

  5. Neesha says

    I have pored over (and drooled over) my Bradbury and Bradbury catalog for years and I have always loved this design. I would hang it in my newly renovated (or resurrected, depending on who you ask) spare bedroom.

  6. Roxan says

    I JUST found this fabulous site! It is going to take me a few hours to go through all of this GREAT stuff!!! I AM NOT ALONE!!! 🙂

  7. says

    I would hang this poster in my bedroom (after having it framed) so I could look at it before I went to sleep and have lovely dreams all night long. I absolutely love it! I study art history and this has always been one of my favorite styles of art.

  8. Lora says

    Where couldn’t you hang a great poster like this? All of my walls are bare right now so it could have it’s pick of places.

  9. says

    What fantabulous comments and inspirations! I wish we could give away the store!
    On behalf of everyone here at Bradbury & Bradbury thank you for your kind expressions! Keep the wallpaper alive!!!

    • Michael Hurley says

      Thanks very much to you fine folks for donating the artwork and producing such wonderful art wall coverings and draperies. Someday, your works will grace my house. Hopefully, that day will be soon (once I win the contest, of course! 😀 )