Wow: 100+ atomic pendant lights from 1955 — @ $249 Buy-It-Now

vintage atomic pendants

There are more than 100 of these 1955 lights for sale on ebay, $249 BIN.

Check out the very first light in this carousel — the atomic pendants. There are more than 100 — they were salvaged from a 1955 building — they are $249 Buy-It-Now each. This stash will be sure to delight someone! Tip to using the ebay carousel: To go to a particular item, click on its photo (NOT on the ebay logo) — then, click on the lime green “View and Bid” box, which will take you to ebay. Disclosure: When you buy anything from these ebay carousels or after you click into ebay here, it nets me a teensy commission.


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    • pam kueber says

      I added Tip on how to use carousel – to get to a particular item you need to click it on the carousel photo…then, click the lime green View & Bid box…

  1. Vicky says

    This past weekend I saw (and should have taken a picture of) the most AMAZING atomic chandelier at an antique flea market in San Rafael, CA.

    The guys selling it said he’d taken it from a Masonic Center in San Francisco since they were remodeling. It was very much like the ringed one on your Ebay carousel but about 5 feet across with rings that were a pale turquoise, a textured tin in between and it had gold metal atomic stars all over it. It was incredible!

  2. Lorna says

    Our dining room light is just like the atomic one you show! We got ours for $2 at a church rummage sale! I just happened to see it out of the corner of my eye. I was crazy protecting it until we got it safely to the car! I don’t think anyone else there would have been interested in it, but man, was my heart pounding!

  3. James Lehr says

    I believe these are the same kind of lights I remember seeing at Bruce Shulkey Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas. The school was built in the mid 50s and I attended in the early 70s. It had that brown veined linoleum tile floor, too.

  4. Chutti says

    Hubs and I were OBSESSED with finding these-what we refer to as “elementary school lights”. I work with many many school districts, and have begged to buy them for years. We both went to CA flattop grammar schools built in the 1950’s in the early 1970’s. Yup. Same brown veined shinola floor, and high clerestory windows with the pole to close, and to pull the thick green vinyl drapes for 16 mm movie time.

    We had a buddy on another retro site who clued us into a set. We drove a couple hundred miles, but got two for…$49. Mission accomplished.
    We LOVE em. Did retrofit them for CFLs, but I recently got one of the…gulp!…1800 watt bulbs meant to go in them. Wowsers-I have it placed as an objet d’art on a bookcase. Scary lot of juice, them!

    So glad to know others are appreciating and salvaging these. They’re so, so cool, and really evocative of the period. Oh, and yes, we do have the scary giant IBM wall clock in the same room for total nostalgia. Remember waiting for the second hand to seize up right before the bell rang?

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