1960 Progress Mardi Gras light – $40 BIN – plus more finds

vintage progress mardis gras lightThe wacky and wonderful circus-like pull-down light looked very familiar to me and, yes, I have the catalog: It’s a Progress Mardi Gras light, and it dates to at least 1961. Another reminder, though, folks: I am told that pulldown lighting is no longer to code – consult with an expert about these and other vintage lights and their safety for re-installation today. Tip to using the ebay carousel: To go to a particular item, click on its photo (NOT on the ebay logo) — then, click on the lime green “View and Bid” box, which will take you to ebay. Disclosure: When you buy anything from these ebay carousels or after you click into ebay here, it nets me a teensy commission.


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  1. Lynn-O-Matic says

    Pam, you’re hitting all my buttons today! We have that same Lightolier chandelier in the “piano corner.” The colors are much more subtle on ours, so I don’t know if ours is faded or if it’s just the photos. In any case, it’s a real stunner and fits in well with our “Bungalow Deco” decor downstairs.

    I also have the medicine cabinet, and I’ve been watching those sconces but can’t bring myself to pay that much.

  2. Lynn-O-Matic says

    Oh, and I meant to ask, I assume you can just rewire those pull-down lights to be used as stationary pendants, right?

  3. Nathan says

    There was such a sense of fun in the style of this era. That’s something that’ so lacking in today’s designs. I like modern design too, but it’s so serious, like it’s trying really hard to be better than it is. It’s all about homogenizing things so it appeals to as many people as possible for resale. If you’re not planning on selling your house, why not enjoy it for today and deal with resale issues if/when they come around.

    • Ann-Marie Meyers says

      Nathan, I so agree. It seems everyone looks at a house today as just a financial investment that they are going to get rid of in a couple of years, so they don’t want to put any of their own personality into it.
      A house is your home, and should express your individual personality. If you end up having to sell it in a “faceless” market, just slap some greige paint on the wall and buy some cheap ceiling lights from Home Depot. The masses will be happy.

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