100 years of dance and style in 100 seconds

For your Saturday morning amusement — SO clever and creative, the people who made this should get a humongous award.

Which couple is your favorite?

Don’t be shy — use those little four-way arrows at the bottom right of the box (next to where you see YouTube) to enlarge this to Full Screen, and watch. When you are done, hit “escape” to return to my homepage. Dance along, shake it!


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  1. JKaye says

    What a fun way to get started on a Saturday morning. It seemed like the clothes got really boring in the last decade or so. I liked the 20a era, which reminded me of photos of my grandmas in their teens.

  2. gavin hastings says

    Where did this come from?
    …it says London Style, but then gives a starting date. A show?
    The production values here are really good! Thanks.

  3. Just another Pam says

    WWII but I want to be in England and fairly well to do, England being what it was. Or, though they didn’t show it, the post war years, Greenwich Village, bath tub in what passes for a kitchen….the works. Very specific time travel is always best ;o)

  4. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    I like the Edwardian clothes the best, although “Titanic” has almost ruined that decade for me. That style looks very good on me. Love the dancing. I cannot imagine all the work that went into this. I agree that they should get awards for this.

  5. Scott Avis says

    I loved this video, and want to show it to all my friends, however I wish they had spent a little more time showing us the dresses and gowns from the 1950’s

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