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bringing home the vintage sofaRight quick, the Queen of Fifty Cents added this photo to our uploader — a huge smile within 5 minutes of waking up for me! I went to the Re-Store the other day and buy some *normal...ish* stuff, though — including a NOS American-Standard Fiesta kitchen sink, avocado, with hudee ring — for $5. Whoopee! Now, need a house to go with. What vintage trouble have you been finding lately. Or, I should say, what vintage trouble has been finding you? The uploader is locked, loaded and ready for you to add your rusty (or not) beauteousness, too –>

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  1. Just another Pam says

    Not artsy fartsy ’round these parts if you add part of a cupboard door as a back, a bit of steel mesh in a slightly sculptural shape and the nails it’s official art….975 dollar art….and other things I learned while out on a small gallery troll yesterday.

    • Elaine says

      That’s me, Pam. We were sooo lucky! The family really didn’t want these things but they negotiated a price for them when we bought the house. We found everything in great shape. Stanley Steamer cleaned the sofas and they came out like new. There is a bedroom set, too, in a kind of brutalist really dark carved look.

      • Elaine says

        The four piece picture set behind the sofa is up for grabs. If anyone wants it, I will send it for postage. The frames are in good shape, the prints have a blue cast that may be from age or may be original to the scene.

    • AaronC says

      It’s totally true. I found it off of Craigslist. The lady that I bought it from was “renovating” a house over by the Cherry Creek Country club here in Denver. She had no clue what it was worth. In fact she kind of beat it up when she took it down. My wife and I brought it back home sanded out the scratches and stains and then applied a couple of coats of teak oil.
      Here is the flickr photo set of us doing the restoration and installation.

        • AaronC says

          Yes, The house was built in 1952 by it’s original owner(a brick mason) The entire basement is finished in that brick along with a sandstone fireplace. My wife and I have been working on it for about 12 years now.

  2. says

    Glad you enjoyed the pic! I usually have things hanging out of the back seat of my convertible, but the Honda did the job this time. Fortunately the sofa ($30!!) came from a house about a block away. This is a great MCM neighborhood!

  3. nina462 says

    I’ve sent a few photos & I’ve got lots more, but don’t want to overwhelm the system. The photos from Shanksville, PA – went there on vacation & found this little gem of a store that had lots of vintage stuff. Too bad I couldn’t haul it back in my car (much like the couch in the small car above!
    I was also gifted lots of vintage clothing, for free! Sadly to say only the coffee time bathrobe & black wool coat fit. Wish I could show them all as they are gorgeous & could be set clothing for Madmen or Pan Am.
    However, I hope you all enjoy my Costco bar stools that I got for $35! Four sit in front of the bar, and one is behind the bar for the bartender 🙂

  4. Chase says

    That wall system is stunning. What an amazing find!

    I forgot to add to my picture the price that I paid for the Arc Lamp: $30.00

      • says

        Laura, You are killin’ me girl!! I just told my hubby last week about how I will probably end up finding this Eames lounge chair by the side of the road somewhere left by someone who has no idea what they have! What a great job. I can’t say I would dumpster dive for much of anything, but Eames, Saarinen, etc, I WILL! If you happen to have a blog, please post your link…

  5. Laurie says

    That Selig “Z” chair and ottoman is ours. We were in the middle of nowhere in NC and stopped at a farmhouse that was having a yard sale. We bought that chair and ottoman for $20 and also a Paul McCobb Planner desk for $15. The lady practically begged us to take them with us. I wish she had more!!! You don’t have finds like that every day

  6. Josephine says

    I love the dining set in Shanksville. I was looking for an old doorbell chime. All the ones at Home Depot/Lowes were made in China. I was able to find a vintage NOS one on eBay made in NY from the 1950s. I love it.

  7. Lynn-O-Matic says

    Wow, so much eye candy here I can’t even begin to comment on it all. Fabulous finds, one and all. I do feel the need to drive a U-Haul back from Shanksville stuffed with half of that amazing store!

    FYI, that isn’t Vernon’s Heavenly Days but a lookalike/soundalike, Sear’s Harmony House Blue Heaven. I assume Vernon’s came first but I don’t know. I think the Harmony House is less common, so a great find, and sitting on top of a stunning table, as well.

  8. Annie B. says

    Wonderful finds; I’m envious of them all.

    My weekend junking resulted in a few happy odds and ends including an aqua California pottery pitcher, some Boonton plastic ware, and (!) ice blue colored Lucite grapes.

  9. Nancy says

    nina-I am having no luck finding your treasure of an antique shop? I would love the booth for our kitchen!? Could you please help me locate the shop?

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