Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze flooring in four kitchens — any more of you out there?

the 1950s style vinyl tile in my kitchen - azrock cortina autumn hazeEvery fall, I have a really nice man named Ken come in to completely strip, then re-polish, the vinyl floor tile in my kitchen. It is well worth it. Even using heavy duty equipment, it takes him several hours to do the floor. I think it is well worth the expense. Not only am I am getting too old to be down on my hands and knees doing this, he gets a much better shine than I ever did.  So far, I know of three other readers who have used my floor — Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze — and I have photos of their kitchens, too.

retro kitchen with wood cabinets and azrock cortina autumn haze vct flooringI am pretty sure I spy with my little eye, Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze in Julie P.’s kitchen — uploaded last week as part of our “Finish What You Started” campaign. She gets supa-mega Gold Stars for her work, which she explains:

Kitchen undo almost finished. Cabinets stripped, wall paper off, new floor and counters. Still need to paint the trim. UGH! Before picture to follow.

– Julie P

Beautiful kitchen, Julie! Send me all your pics and your story, girl!

azrock cortina in retro kitchen

Janice used it in her retro kitchen renovation.

retro kitchen with azrock cortina autumn haze floor tile

Meredith used it to replace the worn tile in her vintage kitchen.

I have had my Azrock Cortina floor for since 2006, and it looks as great as it did the day it was put in. I continue to be the #1 fan of this versatile, inexpensive, streaky retro-style, durable vinyl kitchen floor tile. This tile is $1.50 – $2.25/s.f. installed. See Autumn Haze and their other colors here.

Have any other readers put Azrock Cortina in their kitchens?

If so, send me a photo, and I will add it to this story. 🙂


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  1. Philip M says


    I have a kitchen installed in 1988 and I love it! I know it’s not a 50s kitchen, but back in 1991 it’s the first thing I fell in love with when I viewed the house.

    The problem is that the off white GE Permatuf dishwasher has not worked in 10 years, and I’ve always wanted it to work again. It might not exactly be 50’s design, but it does belong to the overall installation.

    I have no idea what could be wrong, or how to fix it, or who to find to make repairs. But I know that other readers have repaired very old, vintage appliances to make them work and look new again.

    My GE Range that belongs to the kitchen installation also needs to be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned. But I don’t know where to start to dismantle the top with the clock, or how to remove the oven door.

    Could you or your readers please direct me to literature, websites, individuals or any source that could help me? I live in Oakland County, MI.

    In closing, I want to tell you that I love your site, and I’m happy that there is a forum for people who care about mid-century 50’s design.


    • pam kueber says

      hi Philip and welcome. we have several stories on this topic. check my category: Kitchens/Appliances. good luck

  2. Nutmegger says

    Hey All – Does anybody have a black & white checkerboard Azrock Cortina floor? I’d love to see it and to know which white you used. I think there’s just the one black. I have a 1950 kitchen in desperate need of a new floor. Cabinets are painted white (originally knotty pine, I am sure) and counters are white laminate. It’s a very sunny room so I’m thinking a cool palette would be better than warm. I’m not ready to take on cabinet painting yet and I don’t have a color scheme in mind (only been here 3 months), so b&w for the floor seems like a good “neutral.” And BTW, apart from the infrequent heavy-equipment treatment, is this floor easy to keep looking good?

  3. J D Log says

    Hi Jordanna I am also in Australia checker board black and white is avaliable everywhere but there is a big variation in quality not sure if Azrock is avaliable in Australia but they are affiliated with Tarkett Group try this link they are distributed through Bunnings so that could be your best
    Also Armstrong is over here
    and Forbo their Artoleum Piano range looks good and Marmoleum dual is another option If Atomic Mother has some other options I would be interested in hearing I am still gutting out my granite kitchen and it looks like the walls need replastering plumbing and electrical relocated, so it will be a while before I get to the flooring

  4. Suzanne says

    The kitchen & adjacent laundry room floor in my 1941 house in Burbank is also Azrock. I chose red, white & black & had the installer put it in diagonally to make the space look larger, then had him do a double border, first red, then black. I wash all my floors (hardwood, Pergo, Azrock & linoleum) in a white vinegar/lukewarm water solution. I found some good polish at a janitorial supply store. I buy a cheap mop at the dollar store to apply it, & by the time I’m done, the mop is ready for the trash. There are a couple of pictures of my floor on the site. Look for “Suzanne’s Kitchen.” I’ll be happy to send more.

    • says

      Hi Suzanne, where did you buy your tiles? I have a 1958 Colonial Ranch in Van Nuys, and would like to find someone with experience installing VCT.

  5. Dai1955 says

    Hi Pam
    Well here I am in my 1955 18foot Terry Travel Trailer and although it’s beautifule here on the beach I’m inside my trailer putting in a new(yet vintage looking floor). I bought Marmolioum at Linolioum City. They sold them to me in 16 X16 so I cut them down to 8X8 plus I used up a box of 3X3 ’50s samples at the enterence. Nice from far but far from nice. I bought Fabo adhesive when I was in a Green store yesterday in Santa Barbara and boy does it work. I think my problem lays in when I was cutting them down I was off a bit here and there. Makes a hellofadifference! Oh well, I’d love to send a pic when I’m done.
    Btw, how about an area on your fantastic site for 40’s, 50’s and 60’s trailers?

  6. Sarah says

    I love this floor. I’m shopping around for vct and it’s so hard to tell what the tile will look like based on the tiny samples the flooring store has. I want the streaky look like you’ve got but am not sure about the color. Do all the tiles in the cortina collection have that streaky look or just autumn haze? I’m trying to avoid solid and speckled vct.

  7. says

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Azrock has discontinued the Cortina line! I am very upset, because my favorite sample so far is their Red Pepper. I am having trouble finding a good local vendor for these commercial tiles. They don’t seem to understand why I would like this in my house. 🙂

  8. Suzanne says

    The streaky/speckled look is great if you don’t want to be scrubbing your floor every day. I wash my floor with cool white vinegar water, then take a disposable mop from the dollar store & some polish I got at the janitorial supply store. Quick & easy.

  9. Suzanne says

    Hi, Dana–
    I got my tile at Linoleum City, 4849 Santa Monica Bd., LA 90029. I also got some authentic `50s pink & black marbleized sheet linoleum for my bathroom. Go to REVA1040 on YouTube for pix of the bathroom. My kitchen floor is on this website. Good luck!

  10. Barbara Brewer says

    I just closed this past Monday on a 1938 white stucco, right next door to where I have currently lived in a 1932 cottage for 5 years. Azrock will be perfect for the kitchen. I am excited to have already identified that important rennovation factor! I will be photographing the entire house, “as is” before starting, then “as completed” and then fully decorated. I haven’t selected colors yet, but will probably use black and white or black and light grey combination. I want to do my kitchen in white with black and red details.

    The 1938 stucco has been locked up, with no one living in it, fully furnished and with utilities kept on, for the past almost 20 years – an estate tie-up. I learned the story of the house next door within days of moving into my current home, and have been trying to facilitate a purchase ever since. In the meantime, waiting for the family to come to a decision to sell, I have been busy building a senior home care business, for which I began a two year preparation, leading up to a divorce of an almost 40 year-long marriage five years ago. With busy business schedule and hopes to by the home next-door, I have just existed beneath the roof of my current home, never doing any rennovation or decoration, for that matter, counting heavily on being allowed to purchase the house next door, sitting on a lot 5 times the size of other lots on this street, which was another huge enticement to me. I have big plans for the large back yard, which I won’t go into, now.

    I have just engaged Jason Newsom, of Newsom Roofing, Spring Hill, TN to help me doubly spearhead the total rennovation of the house, using as many original 30’3/40’s pieces as possible. Jason is a young man in this 30’s with an enthusiasm and knowledge of different period styles, and he is excited to be participating in this particular project, because of the intended authenticity planned.

    The kitchen will be decorated specifically around a white and red enamel metal table with original red chairs, from my earliest chidhood. Mother and Daddy married in 1946, and it was the first kitchen set they purchased. My other two sisters don’t have memories of it being used in our kitchen, but I do, and it is my favorite piece from childhood. By the way, colorwise, it coordinates very well with Dddy’s shiny, bright red, 1947 McCormick Cub tractor, which I also have, complete with all attachments, including little trailer, which will be the focal point of Christmas lawn decorations this year!!!! I plan to enter my home in the local historic Christmas home show the first weekend of December. Most homes on the tour are 1800’s, but I am going to be campaigning between now and then to organize a group of homeowners of our many 1930’s and 40’s homes, most of which are darling cottages, including some Sears home kits and one very special, accurately restored, Lustron home. I believe that it is the only one in Tennessee.
    I look forward to sending you photos of my kitchen project, which will include your Azrock tile. I am hoping to have the local newspaper follow the project, also, and will also start a website and blog to cover it.
    Barbara Brewer

    • pam kueber says

      Cool! Welcome! Please know we have another story that came later about even more streaky Azrock tiles introduced – TexTile line. See Kitchens/Floorings … and all the categories up top, for resources. And yes, be sure to take lots of before and after photos!

  11. Christina says

    I am using this type of tile all over my new home! I love all the great colors you can get in commercial tile. It will be throughout my kitchen/dining and living room as well as both of my bathrooms. Can’t wait!!! Can post pics when I’m done.

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