“Ashtray house” designed by Albert Ledner

albert ledner ashtray houseThanks to reader Terri, who sent in this great story about the “Ashtray House” — a 1960s modern in New Orleans, designed by Albert Ledner, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. Most notable about this house: The exterior is decorated with 1,200 gold ashtrays. You can see their profile pretty well, above. What a great idea — very clever! To see the house, you can watch a video on WGNO-TV… and, you can also look at pretty big photos, like the one above, on the MLS listing here. $729,000. 


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  1. gsciencechick says

    As much as I love the house overall, if I were buying in New Orleans in that price range (HA!), I would be looking for a more traditional Southern mansion in the Garden District or a French Quarter home.

  2. sue s says

    This house belonged to former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin. it recently sold for nearly half the asking price!

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