• Happy Thanksgiving 2011

    1946 american standard sink thanksgivingGobble gobble. Happy Thanksgiving from American Standard 1946 — that’s 65 years ago! — and me. I’ll be back Friday. Eat lots of pie, and drive safe!!

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    1. AmyEbbertHill says:

      Happy Thanksgiving! Have a fun & safe holiday!

    2. Pam- Have a Happy Thanksgiving with family & lots of good food!!

    3. Same back at you, Pam! Glad you’re taking a well-deserved day off!

    4. Happy Thanksgiving Pam!

    5. ick, I don’t think I’d want my thanksgiving pies sitting on a windowsill right above the sink while my 5 yr old is playing with the sprayer!!!!

    6. gsciencechick says:

      Have a happy and safe holiday! It is our elderly kitty’s favorite holiday, and we are so thrilled to have him around for another TG day. He’s so funny “guarding” the oven.

    7. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Pam!

    8. Lynn-O-Matic says:

      Of course you have the perfect picture for every occasion! A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Pam, and to everyone else here!

    9. Happy Thanksgiving Pam! I’m still catching up on all the posts from before this past Spring when I first came upon your site. Enjoy the day.

    10. “Eat lots of pie, and drive safe!!” indeed! that is an ideal sign-off for any occasion!

    11. Happy Thanksgiving Pam and to all my Retro Renovation friends! Enjoy your day with friends and family. It’s a fun day to set our tables with our vintage treasures. :-)

    12. Happy Thanksgiving Pam and everyone who makes this site possible!

      Using the vintage embossed turkey platter today!

    13. Charla Helmers says:

      Craiglist Alert: In St. Louis, South City, there is an ad for a GE wall mount refrigerator. The owner says it works and it is light green. I found it by searching on GE, but Wall Mount is also in the title…no picture though.

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