Vintage Erica Wilson needlecraft kits — A wonderful last-minute holiday gift

Erica Wilson owlUpdate: I just learned that Erica Wilson died this week. So sad. Story to follow. My sister-in-law taught me that there are two kinds of problems: The first kind, you throw money at. The second kind, you running screaming from. If you are starting to get panicked about your holiday shopping (I have not even STARTED, ha), I offer this suggestion: Throw some money at a vintage Erica Wilson needlecraft kit. Erica Wilson is a GODDESS. I bow down. These kits are available, all minty New Old Stock, but in particular I like the selection from Mary aks shoallake153. And, she says that if you jump on one of her Buy It Nows, she will get the package out next day.


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  1. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    I can recommend shoallake 153. I have dealt with her several times, and it has been a very good experience each time.

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