Hoover Christmas commercials from 1959-62 — “Hoover happiness lasts for years”

Today, if DH gave us a steam iron for a present, we’d hit him with it. And no court in the nation would convict us. Back in the day, though, I guess this was a humongous improvement over the old ironing presses — nasty work. Thanks for reader Anna for recommending these Christmas TV commercials from Hoover. They’re from Down Under — 1959, 1961, and 1962 — and include Santa with an Australian accent. Which is Just Not Right.

Christmas means peace and good will beyond measure
And Hoover at Christmas means gifts she will treasure

Two more funny vintage videos from Hoover AU ahead…

She’s thought of everyone else. Now what would Mother like for Christmas? A Hoover Constellation? Yes, of course! … cleans tile, timber or carpet…

“Give Happiness, Give Hoover… And Hoover happiness lasts for years”


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  1. says

    Watching these videos two things struck me.

    The first is that back in that time period we hadn’t seen the absolute flight of manufacturing from the U.S.

    The second was that it wasn’t all plastic like today.

  2. JKaye says

    We had one of those Hoover Constellations, and it was great. I doubt my mom got it for Christmas, however. My dad was a real romantic and gave her what we kids considered mushy gifts, like jewelry and prissy bed jackets. Anyway, the Hoover Constellation worked great, lasted a long time, and my mom finally passed it on to me when I got my first apartment in the late 70s and I still had it when I got married in the early 80s, when it was replaced by some upright model. But the best thing about the Constellation was that it looked like something out of the Jetsons TV show. My siblings and I sometimes would play with it and pretend it was a spaceship with a big raygun attached to it. Also, my mom just hated it when she accidentally swept up a tiny Barbie shoe that was buried in the carpet. You could hear it tinking its way up that metal tube. My sister and I would want her to look through all the dusty gunk to find the shoe. Which, being the nice mother that she was, she would do for us.

    But, I do not recall her ever, ever using that Hoover while wearing a dress and high heeled shoes herself. In my mind, my mom always had on capris, or what we called pedal pushers, and Keds sneakers.

  3. Lynne says

    I would LOVE to get a Hoover Constellation for Christmas! I would rather pull that ball on wheels around than push the heavy monster I have now. Looks a lot easier on the back.

    Happy Holidays Every One!

  4. JKaye says

    We had a Hoover Constellation when I was a little kid…well, actually, when I was an adult too, because it lasted forever. My mom gave it to me when I got my first apartment in the late 70s, and I still had it when I got married in the early 80s, when it would have been over 20 years old. I do not believe that my mom got it as a Christmas present, however. My dad was more of a romantic when it came to gifts, and gave her stuff we kids considered mushy, like jewelry and prissy bed jackets. The Constellation was great fun. When Mom was using it, we would put a doll or stuffed animal on top of the ball to give it a ride. We pretended it was a spaceship with a big raygun attached to it. Mom did not wear a dress and high heels when using her Hoover, however. She wore capris, or what we called pedal pushers, and Keds sneakers and flowered cotton tops, and usually had pink curlers in her hair. This was all in the early 60s. By the late 60s, Mom had a clerical job downtown, wore dresses in David Hicks-inspired prints, and my sister and I were the ones using the Hoover as part of our after-school chores.

  5. Chutti says

    Oh, this was great. And yes, I would be pretty happy to have a constellation under the (aluminum) tree. We had one of those electrolux canisters that looked like something out of a 1930’s space comic. Then later, an orange hoover lark.

    Anyone else remember those Christmas norelco ads where Santa rode through the snow on the electric shaver?

    We are still obsessed with those. We even have a sort of snow bowling game we play based on it. Have to say..”Norel-cooooo!” when you score a winning point.

  6. puddletown cheryl says

    This reminds me of 7th grade. We had an Australian pastor intern at our church for a year. He was young, handsome and single. How he got away without a bride on his arm, I’ll never know. It certainly wasn’t from the church moms lack of trying. Anyway, we dreaded his sermons, they were so dry. Until Christmas Eve, when he gave the family service sermon. He told us all about his childhood Christmas’ down under. They went to the beach, surfed, got a tan and threw a shrimp on the barbie. First time I heard that phrase. It was my favorite Christmas Eve sermon ever. He relaxed after that and his sermons were much better.

  7. DougH says

    I also have a 1955 Constellation that I bought off eBay a few years ago (it even has the original box!). Without a doubt, it is the best vacuum I’ve ever owned. It sucks up everything in it’s path. What better way to clean my mid-century modern furnished apartment!

  8. jdlog says

    My mother had one of these years ago but I went modern with a $800 vacum cleaner. As soon as the warranty expired the electric head, the hinge for the bag and one of the wheels broke. So I bought the exact same model as clip number 2, it came with the display and attachments all for $20 on ebay. The only thing wrong with it was the plastic clip was broken on the metal extension hose but my father fabricated a aluminium clip good as new. I use it weekly it never misses a beat it is not heavy as it floats. I always thought Santa talks with an Australian accent at least he does where I live

  9. nina462 says

    I do remember specifically getting my Mom an electric hand mixer one year for Christmas. It lasted from I’m guessing 1967 – 2006, when the motor finally gave way. Bought her a new mixer that year – lasted only a year. Things were made to last back then, I think.

  10. Jason says

    My Mom swore by Electrolux all of her life. I mostly remember the Model G that she had with the Power Nozzle. Oh…and any man that would give such an UN- ROMANTIC gift as a steam iron to his while for Christmas, should be taken out and summarily shot! A steam iron! UGH! What a putz! But hey…that’s just me. I do remember Dad buying Mom a microwave oven when they first appeared…even after Mom swore she didn’t want one.

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