1955 Kelvinator Food-a-Rama refrigerator: Oh beautiful for spacious side-by-side

1955 sears kelvinator refrigeratorA vintage 1955 Kelvinator “Fabulous Food-A-Rama” Made in Detroit by American Motors Corp. side-by-side refrigerator: Could there ever be a refrigerator made that was more beautiful? I don’t think so. $500 on craigslist in Colorado Springs (link / listing now long gone!)

Update, we heard in August 2012 from Terry, who wrote:

I am the lucky guy that bought this amazing Kelvinator! It is a 1966 Foodarama in perfect working order. It was an estate sale and I am the second owner. I collect Nash cars and Kelvinator appliances so this is on display with my other 30 vintage Kelvinators. Check out my website ramblerranch.com.


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  1. says

    As much as I’d LOVE to have a vintage fridge, I’d be nervous it would crap out on me and I’d lose all of the food inside, or eat it all furiously in one sitting. We have a vintage Frigidaire Flair range, and if that breaks I can always grill or use the microwave, but there is no “Plan B” for a refrigerator.

    • Allen says

      Plan B for refrigerators. Put a new standard fridge in the basement, garage, or utility room and use it for overflow/if the vintage one goes down.

      • IAN says

        That’s my plan B,another one in the basement.

        Funny though,I know several of people who’ve had brand new appliances crap out within days,or months.

        My parents have had 4 or 5 new fridges in the 30 years they’ve lived in their house,including one that lasted maybe a week. Ironically, the trusty ’48 Frididaire that my great grandfather bought new has always ended up being plan B!

  2. Chutti says

    Wowzers! That is one of the most gorgeous vintage fridges EVAH!
    and surely one of the earliest side by sides. I love, love those big ‘t-bone’ handles on that era Kelvinator.

    One of my prize possessions is my 1959 Food-O-Rama Party Book from Kelvinator. It is the pinnacle of all my mid century cookbooks. Recipes have lots of options for using the patented crisper or freezer ideas.
    Each chapter is organized around a specific party theme. George Washington’ Birthday? Bridal Shower? Easter Breakfast for company? Teen Party in the Basement Rec Room? Got ya covered….with invitations, party games and decoration ideas.

    A couple of the recipes are pretty weird: some kind of exotic hot dish (yes-that’s midwestern!) including chicken, grapes, bananas and avocado…hot. Gew. There is a stunning multi layer sandwich loaf that’s frosted with cream cheese to look like a cake…with deviled ham and olives inside!

    Kelvinator was a division of American Motors-previously Nash. When you think of the cop cars in a film noir, they are mostly those watermelon shaped Nashes. So all those swell old Nash, Rambler, American cars were related to that glorious side by side. Guess Kelvinator was trying to keep up with General Motors Frigidaire.

    I had been lusting for an old Norge fridge, but this, this is a thing of beauty!…and SPACE (ace..ace..ace)!

  3. Annie B. says

    That is one gorgeous hunk of Detroit metal. Thanks for posting it, Pam. The vintage refrigerator is my favorite kitchen appliance, I do believe, And, I’m a sucker for anything “-a-Rama”.

  4. TappanTrailerTami says

    Yowza! That is a BEAUTIFUL refrigerator! And folks, this is even more difficult to find than the earlier more rounded Food-A-Rama. $500 is a STEAL for this refrigerator.

    Routinely, folks want plus $2000 for unrestored Food-A-Rama’s, and more in the $7-9k range for a restored one.

    Thanks for posting this Pam – what a fabulous, fabulous find. Maybe we should start paying attention to government auctions – this Food-A-Rama sold for only $44 – but I had to laugh reading the labels stuck on it, LOL. I don’t think I want to know what the government used it for since it wasn’t for food.


  5. Chutti says

    Whoops! Biological WHAT? I’m not too squeamish about anything repurposed. Love me an aqua fridge interior. But biological material over years and years.
    I’m not scared of much, but I think this fits the bill.

  6. nocoretro says

    Oh, I’m SO mad at myself for missing this post. I’m IN Colorado and have just been waiting for one of these to come up! Damn it.

    • says

      I am impressed, Patrick. Not many people left know the difference. I am restoring my second Foodarama. The first one was a ’56, second is a ’57 or ’58 (I still am not positive). There were subtle differences until ’59. These are my favorites of all of my vintage refrigerator restorations. If I could drive one to work, I would. JH

  7. hannah says

    Not intentionally! I’m doing Google searches on things I see on Etsy and links bring me back here. In this case somehow ‘vintage GE indoor grill” in Google images brought this post up. Go figure. 🙂

  8. Feirce Boa says

    I Already Have A Old Refrigerator!!!
    Here Are The Specifications Of The Old Refrigerator:
    Door Handle Side:Right
    Purchasing Date:09/11/75
    Usage:Since 75′

  9. says

    I am the lucky guy that bought this amazing Kelvinator! It is a 1966 Foodarama in perfect working order. It was an estate sale and I am the second owner. I collect Nash cars and Kelvinator appliances so this is on display with my other 30 vintage Kelvinators. Check out my website ramblerranch.com.

  10. says

    KELVINATOR FOODARAMA update. (the infamous Kelvinator of Lascaux) We listed this three times on eBay, started fairly high and went lower. Finally did a ‘buy it now’ at $750 (time to pay kid’s school bills) and it was immediately purchased by a guy in Indiana WHO RENEGGED after a week of saying the money order was in the mail. I had even arranged shipping for him! Just a heads up that we will be relisting it at a price that’ll make some restoration minded groover happy!

    If you’d like photos, email me at todd@thegrandreview.com

  11. Lois says

    Too bad they don’t make things so awesome any more. Nice and neat a place for everything and look really good!

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