David Hicks neckties for Brittania, 1971

David Hicks neck tie 1971 design for Brittania sold at B. AltmanSince watching Jessi Arrington’s video, I have decided to see if I can buy only vintage clothes. I have gone on several Goodwill scouring trips so far, and hands down, my best find was this men’s necktie by the famous interior designer David Hicks. In fact, this tie is what launched me on my recent research and story David Hicks: Definitive Online Guide.

David Hicks with neckties

Look! An archive photo of David Hicks (right) on a TV show (who knows the host?) showing off his line of neckties! Photo used with permission of The Estate of David Hicks.

“My tie” has a copyright date of 1971. Labels: Brittania and B. Altman. And get this: The fabric — which seems to be a typical David Hicks style design — a tight, bold geometric, no milquetoast here — is “RR.” RR = Retro Renovation, get it? The price for this wonderful piece of wearable history, in perfect shape? The Retro Decorating Gods were smiling upon me: $1.

David Hicks necktie for BrittaniaThe tie is that 70s style — wide. I don’t think DH will mind, he is into this groove. I will have the tie dry-cleaned, and DH will get it for Christmas. Hey: DH gets a DH!

david hicks necktie sea monsterI did a little online research. Looks like these alphabet ties were a “thing”, but there were other designs, too. Above: David Hicks DD necktie at Ties2Pillows.com, $35. There are two David Hicks neckties on etsy.com right now — a CC ($35) and a sea monster ( just $12), snip at right. Oh, and click here to see a dapper fellow in Atlanta showing off his prized BB.

David Hicks TT necktieMeanwhile, Sherry wrote in with at David Hicks TT necktie — It’s for sale at her etsy shop here.

The NYT Magazine (link in my original online guide) said that David Hicks carefully specified all the details of his burial. Included: He was to be buried in a David Hicks tie. Nicely done.

david hicks tiedavid-hicks-A-tie

David-Hicks-tie SAbove: Photo of David Hicks “S” tie courtesy of  ebay seller weeevers and is currently for sale.

David-Hicks-N-tie David-hicks-tie-NAbove: David Hicks “N” tie photos courtesy of Etsy seller KaiserVonVintage and is currently for sale.

I am starting a slide show of David Hicks neckties — I have a new, lifetime goal to collect A-Z, if they exist. I have a TT coming from Sherry. If  you have a tie not shown, I would be ever so grateful. Email your photos to me at: retrorenovation [at] gmail [dot] com.

Click to open the slide show, images will enlarge, use the arrows to move forward or back, you can start or stop at any image:


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  1. vintigchik says

    Vntage clothing is among one of my many collections. I always receive compliments when I am wearing vintage clothing…Seriously, like every time. It is my favorite form of recycling and it’s fun to wear my collection away from home. It makes me happy:) Oh and I can dress for way cheap but look like I spent a fortune due to the higher quality of clothing made back then. Love the ties, Pam. I have been trying to find something to make out of them for myself to wear besides the typical tie skirt. They make fun belts if you happen to have a vintage slide buckle. Or you can wear them as headbands.

    • says

      I feel the same way about my collection, I’ve thought of chopping them up for a patchwork pillow, making the proverbial skirt…but thinking of doing anything (especially cutting them) other than having them hang for decoration, or wearing as a belt once in awhile, makes me queasy.

  2. jeanne says

    You hit the trifecta, Pam! 1) Designer 70s item, 2) price, 3) The significance of the RR design! Your adrenaline must have been flowing! I love scores like that! Cool tie, too. I found a bunch of vintage ties at my local SA for $1 each and had them dry cleaned.

  3. Heidi says

    When I was in high school (over 30 years ago), I wouldn’t wear anything that wasn’t vintage. I had the coolest clothes and you could find lots of 40’s and 50’s wear for great prices. Of course your cool 70’s tie was probably still in production during this time frame! My brother use to tease me that all he had to do for my birthday was go to Goodwill. He didn’t realize that was really ok with me!

  4. says

    After I read about David Hicks ties this morning I had to check through my inventory at my vintage store. And I found one!! It’s the letter “T”. What fun it would be to collect the whole alphabet. I will send you pics, as soon as I figure out how.

  5. says

    I love the coincidence of the RR — how cool for DH.

    I have a vintage tie collection with some cool designs but no names to talk about (I don’t think anyway)

  6. says

    Wearing vintage is ecologically friendly and definitely the most fun way to recycle! I’ve only ever worn vintage or second hand clothes my entire life. Getting a big box of hand-me downs in the mail from my cousins was seriously the best day ever, which sounds weird, but I just love old clothes that have already been loved! I turned my obsession (as it grew into a very space-consuming collection) into a profession. Check out PlanetQueenVintage.etsy.com to see some of my collection for sale there. Soon I hope to add more mid century furniture and light fixtures (and a sink and countertop perhaps?) to the shop!

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