The 3 most common questions: On tile, on plumbing fixtures, on steel kitchen cabinets

The three most common questions I get via email, and sometimes in random places on the blog are:

  • Where can I find replacement bathroom tile?
  • Where can I sell, or buy, vintage sinks, toilets, tubs — and how about pricing?
  • Where can I sell, or buy, vintage steel kitchen cabinets — and how about pricing?
These are all already answered within the blog, but here’s a round-up on where to find these answers… and answers to common questions, in general.

1. Where can I find replacement bathroom tile?

Answer: My best resource at this point is World of Tile in Springfield, New Jersey. I have multiple stories on World of Tile — read them all by clicking here.
It’s also possible you may find vintage tile at the Re-Store… and if you’re looking for new tile in retro colors, there are lots of options today. See my navigation — Bathrooms / Tile category for all my stories.

2. Where can I sell, or buy, vintage sinks, toilets, tubs — and how about pricing?

Answer: Check out this 2009 story: Where to find vintage bathroom sinks, tubs and toilets. This story was written with buyers in mind — but use the advice in reverse if you are a seller.
On pricing: I give no advice and don’t plan to.  It’s what the market will bear. You have to do your own research based on your own market dynamics.

3. Where can I sell, or buy, vintage steel kitchen cabinets — and how about pricing?

This one also is answered in a comprehensive story I did in 2009: How and where to sell your vintage metal kitchen cabinets. This one was written with sellers in mind, use it in reverse if you are a buyer.
On pricing: Reader 52PostnBeam did extensive analysis on sales through 2011 and arrived at some per-cabinet averages for the selling prices of vintage steel kitchen cabinets.
Are you looking for an answer?

I try to keep most common questions in the FAQ.
Please check it out.

Also use the navigation at the top — there’s tons of research and experience captured there.

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  1. says

    Hi Pam
    A few months ago my wife and I bought our little slice of 1960. It was still very much original including the pink bathroom. While cleaning it to move in the tiled wall over the pink tub collapsed due to not being sealed and maintained over the years. I took down about 100 vintage pink tiles. Of course I broke one in the process and two more were missing where someone had taken out the soap dish. Long story short, Chippy at World of Tile was able to help me match the peachy pink 4×4 tile exactly. The wallboard was patched and the tiled cleaned (cleaning them was a whole other nightmare) and put back into place. You cant tell there was ever a problem. Thank you for doing this blog. I never would have found them without you.

    • pam kueber says

      YAY! I’m so glad that Chippy and World of Tile were able to help you! I’ll email you separately… would love to see pics of your “little slice of 1960″!

  2. lynda davis says

    My daughter used some hex tiles and some penny round tiles from American Universal Tile. She remodeled a 1940 Cape Cod in Burlingame, CA. Thank you so much for your tip. Both of the bathrooms turned our so pretty. The tiles were so nice, and yet not as expensive as the designer tiles.

  3. LoquaciousLaura says

    Quick FYI, one of the pages on World of Tile advises emailing Chippy with a photo of the tile, she actually prefers you send her a physical sample, snailmail-esque :)

  4. mcmgirl says

    This ciomment doesn’t necessarily relate to bathroom tile but just wanted everyone to know that if you need something for your mid century bathrooms Chippy at World of Tile is a wonderful help. She recently was able to send me NOS towel holders & a toilet tissue holder from the early 1960′s. They were up in their storage attic & they dug through other stored merchandise to find these for me. Wonderful woman! Wish I could visit the store.

  5. says

    Place an add with Realestate/Landlord associations. Many of these people rehab old house and resell them. I can not tell you how much gets thrown into dumpsters.

    Being in both the rehab and vintage businesses, some of what I tear out gets taken straight to my antique booth. Sinks, lights, cabinets, switchplate covers, etc…

    If you see a remodel going on in your area, knock on the door and put a bug in the contractor’s ear. I would not suggest this if the house is still occupied by the owners, but if the house is empty it is probably a contractor who does work for flippers.

    Let them know that you are willing to pay a reasonable fee. But if a contractor saves something for you be sure to pick it up asap so as not to put him out.

    Cabinet installers are another good source. What they tear out is going straight into a dumpster or to the scrap yard.

  6. Gail Rapp says

    My kitchen floor is completely nine inch ceramic tile (white)…It is very cracked in one heavy traffic area…Nine inch tiles seem to be non-existent.

    Does anyone know of white ceramic nine inch tiles???? I do not want to
    rip up entire 12X15 foot floor and am trying to find an alternative.
    Thsnk you.

  7. Susie says

    I am selling Thermador 1952 stainless steel kitchen appliances. They were the best of the best then, and still are fab. full size all oven and 45″ electric cooktop. Besides, Craigslist, any suggestions on where to sell them? I even have the Owners Manual and spec sheets.

  8. Gerald Newby says

    I have a 1950′s wall mounted refrigerator that works and I am looking to sell it. I just dont know what its worth. Any feedback is appreciated.

  9. trisha says

    I am looking for accessories for my St. Charles cabinets. I had a grease fire over a year ago and it it weren’t for my tough, steel cabinets my whole house would have burned. I can not find anyone that will attempt to paint my St. Charles cabinets. I don’t want to get rid of them! I am currently consulting with an auto body person and was wondering if anyone else had any experience repainting these babies?

    • pam kueber says

      Trisha, we have several stories here on the blog in which readers share some of their experiences getting their vintage steel cabinets painted – you can see them all in the Kitchens/Steel Kitchens category. GOod luck.

  10. trisha says

    We are slowly getting our lives back after our grease fire. It is torture trying to find someone that will attempt the job of restoring our precous St. Charles kitchen cabinets and countertop. Everyone wants to tear out the old and put in new. The one thing I need the most help with is the product that is on our kitchen countertops. When it was installed I think it was considered floor covering. I am desperate to find a source and a solution. Can this stuff be installed over the top of the existing? How is it replacesd. Also, I have the stainless edging all the way around my countertops which includes a rounded peninsula. The sight I found for the stainless edging (New York Metals) was very kind seemed to know exactly what I needed. However, they told me I need to use aluminum for the peninsula and I want to stay with the stainless. Does anyone know if this can be taken off and reused? Also the inside corners look like they have been welded. OR is it epoxy? Please help?

  11. nora sheprow says

    Hi. I am so glad I came across this site!! I have a question….
    I live in an apartment in NYC with original 1950′s steel kitchen cabinets. They are steel, but there is a panel on the outside that looks like fake wood. I believe the panels pop in and out. I want to paint my cabinets and have been searching on line for “painting old kitchen cabinets” for over a year! I only see instructions for painting over wood or laminate, neither are what I have in my kitchen! Can I paint over my fake wood (metal sheets?) sheets? if so, does anyone know how??

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