Vintage towels galore on etsy — see my Treasury

Terrycloth wrap dress from youdigitthemost on etsy.comYes, I am on a tear this week wrt (with regard to) vintage towels. Went over to look-see on Found lots of good-priced deliciousness. Below, there is a decent trove of New Old Stock — pink poodle lovers JUMP! And isn’t the terrycloth dress fantastic? It was sold at “Robinson’s Bath Boutique” — not homemade — not itsy bitsy either — and just $34 from youdigitthemost. Well, yes, I do, thank you very much. Click here or on the photo below to see my etsy treasure of towel pics.

Vintage towels on etsy


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  1. Stacy says

    Hey-those are MY Etsy finds! I did the same thing after your last post about towels. Guess I better start buying instead of just looking or they’ll be gone soon! On my way to snatch up those French Poodles.

    • clampers says

      Just snagged the first pic…the Fantasy by Dundee blue and green floral pattern. Can’t wait to start bringing my ’68 bathroom back to it’s original groovy glory!

  2. Kersten says

    Wow! That towel gown is right up my alley! Problem is I’d take my bath in the early part of the day and wear that the rest of the day!!! Hmmmm… my birthday IS only a couple days away…..

  3. Catherine says

    I have a Simplicity pattern for making a “Jiffy dress” out of purchased towels, c1966. It definitely takes advantage of the vintage patterns. I also had a hand-me-down robe when I was in college that had been made from towels–possible from the same period. It was a somewhat different style, buttoning down the front, and it was never very comfortable. (I think whoever made it didn’t do a great job cutting the pieces straight.)

    • pam kueber says

      haha, I have a vintage robe made out of towels in my basement stash right now! it’s holey though. i picked it up last summer at an estate sale…

  4. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    I am trying to figure out how to get my mom’s vintage Hanae Mori yellow butterfly towels away from her. She saved them for 40 years, and just now put them out. She is so proud of herself for actually having something cool vintage that I don’t have and that I want! And, they are like brand new, too. Still soft and absorbent.

  5. nina462 says

    I actually have & use the turquoise & olive towels that are pictured. They go well with my original blue bathroom – found at a garage sale many years ago.

  6. hannah says

    Now that I’m on the correct page….I have seen that towel robe months back and just adored it, especially for the fact that it was store made (meaning the industry had the vision to create such a thing, as it seems like something that would be born of our Singer sewing machines instead) – congrats to whoever snagged that beauty!

    Love my vintage textiles, and the searches for them. Thanks, Pam.

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