5 fun modern vinyl flooring designs from Tarkett

Tarkett square dance floorFor those of you pumping up the “modern”, I found five fun vinyl flooring designs — including two for kids. Indeed, Tarkett gets my props for innovating when it comes to designing floor fashion. I’ve shown their Arabesque design before – alas, it now seems discontinued. But, they keep coming up with more. Above: “Square Dance”, a special five-layer FiberFloor, is available two colorways. Party on for four more designs — blue bubbles, anyone? ->

bubble fun floor from tarkettBubble Fun, a FiberFloor, comes in two colorways, too.

metallic vinyl flooringThey have two metallics — again, this is vinyl — kind of looks like the stuff that goes on garage floors. But I like it, it’s cool….

Funtastic IslandAnd two for the kids: Funtastic Island…

Kidland vinyl sheet flooring…and Kidland. Looking at these last two, I suddenly realize, I had such a deprived childhood. I want a Funtastic Island floor NOW. Mom, I know you’re reading this. Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom? Mom?

See all the Tarkett Fiberfloors — including this line, Easy Living Fun — here.


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  1. Melanie says

    Kids, schmids! Never mind them, I want those bottom two in MY room!
    And I love those bubbles, heck, they’re all great. I could live a long time withe any of those, but I don’t think hubby would let me go that modern.

  2. Nancy L. says

    Last year we installed Tarkett’s pink “bubble fun” in my mom’s mid-century pink bathroom. Our mom, now in her 80s, was concerned that tile flooring might be too slick so we went on search for a vinyl flooring that might work. The bathroom has the original wall tile and fixtures. There is bright pink tile edging with a more subdued body color running up the walls. The bath and commode are this funky peach/pink color. I know it sounds strange but it all works. Hard to see the colors accurately in the photo but the bubble flooring picks up the mix of pinks and is perfect! You can see a photo of the bathroom flooring at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/antiquescentral/6731417917/in/photostream Guests who have seen it think that the flooring is original to the house. Sad to say that the pink is no longer available in the flooring.

    • Ines Storhok says

      I’m considering installing the Tarkett “square dance” pattern of the same Fun collection in my bathroom. I read your comment that you installed the “pink bubbles” in your mom’s bathroom. I was a little concerned about the floor being too slippery or hard to keep clean. (because of its smooth surface). Anything that you can provide regarding your experience with the floor will be very much appreciated. Thanks.

      • pam kueber says

        Ines, when it comes to safety issues, consult with professionals. In this case, at minimum, talk to Tarkett about whether this would be specified for bathrooms/wet situations.

        • Nancy L says

          When the floor first went in to my mother’s bathroom we were very concerned we had made a major mistake because the surface was very slick even when not wet. However, over a short period of time that slickiness disappeared. She does have a small throw rug at the edge of the tub so she doesn’t step directly onto the flooring with wet feet. The small rug has a gripper underneath it so it doesn’t slip. She likes to use bath oil in the tub so the rug also absorbs any excess oil on her feet and not the flooring. She simply throws the rug in the washer when it gets dirty. We haven’t had a hard time keeping the floor clean. We use a dry mop to pick up loose items like dog hair and something similar to a wet swiffer to go over any water or dirty spots. The company does not recommend that use a vacuum cleaner because it can scratch the floor. You do have to be cautious with furniture feet leaving an imprint in the floor. In a bathroom you may not have any stand alone furniture so this may not be a problem. My mom has a small boudoir chair in hers and the feet started almost immediately to leave an impression in the flooring. We purchased some of the plastic squares that you put under furniture legs to keep them from imprinting your carpet and those seem to have done the trick.

  3. Peter says

    This is a fun product. I first saw it at Home Depot. Alas, it appears that they do not carry it any longer. This fiberglass reinforced product goes-down with ease and stays in place with only minimal glue lines at the edges or sometimes sparsely across a large field. Also, it’s mechanical toughness is amazing. This is what I’ve spec-ed for my four bathrooms here at Milton Manor and would seriously consider it for the kitchen if cork doesn’t over-rule. BTW, unlike many sheet vinyls this feels warm, almost, underfoot.

  4. Jamie D says

    4-5 years ago, I caught a glimpse of the blue bubble flooring on one of the HGTV flipper shows – it was on a kitchen floor and it was only shown for a second. I searched and searched for it for at least a year before I figured out it was from Tarkett.

    Anyway, I really really really wanted it in my kitchen. But my flooring store guy recommended against it for the kitchen. He said they had problems with using FiberFloor in the kitchen. Apparently because it’s so flexible and soft and squishy, furniture leaves dents in it. He said they had problems with people trying to slide their fridge out for cleaning and because it sunk down in the squishiness, it just ripped chunks out of the floor.

    This was several years ago…maybe the product has been improved since then? Still seems like a great option for bathrooms.

  5. Lorie says

    Alas, they have stopped making all of these patterns except for the man/steel/garage one. I’m looking for some sort of vinyl flooring solution for my large bathroom floor. It’s upstairs, and the floor moves a bit too much for tile (although how I want a lovely violet square tile!!). No idea what was there originally (previous owners did not take too kindly for my request for some pictures of the house in the 70s). I suspect there is a red oak plank floor beneath the currently 25 yr old vinyl but i’m not sure (the builders used this throughout the upstairs so the oak is in all of the other rooms). If it’s not under there and is just subfloor, I want something cool but flexible to put down.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I’d love to do something retro–mid-century modern or just plain 60s. But all I’m finding on the net is stone-look a likes. While that might be fine for most, I’d know it’s not stone.


    • pam kueber says

      Lorie, have you gone through everything in the Kitchen/Floorings category? That’s where all the flooring is.

    • Carolyn Buckley says

      Lorie, I am looking for the same thing — mid century, like the top pic in this article and couldn’t find it on the Tarkett website. Sounds like we have similar taste — if you find anything that fits what you’re looking for, please post! Thanks!

      • Lorie says

        Carolyn, I did find this: http://www.modularitytiles.com/modulizer.php You can build your own pattern. But nothing like what Tarkett had made.

        I’m now thinking something like a very very shiny white linoleum floor, but it’s hard to find a color that’s not streaked with white or black (perfect for a 40s or 50s home, just not for my 1964 two story ranch). But still looking for that too.

        Pam, thanks for the suggestion! i did go through those options but didn’t find much that was mod (lots of lovely 40s and 50s type flooring! and wonderful tile!!).

        • pam kueber says

          Someone else just mentioned this on the blog in a comment — how about FritzTiles in faux terrazzo. They’ve been making ’em for decades, apparently.

  6. Sage says

    I have the Square Dance in blue/green in my bathroom, and I love it. I needed something less labor intensive than time, and I could not stand the idea of getting a fake rock – tile look.

    this is perfect. I wish they would make more! I found this post because we had another minor flood in our city. The carpet had to go and now I am looking for flooring alternatives that can stand some moisture.

  7. Bobbi says

    I am looking for a store or source to buy some Bubble Fun vinyl flooring, preferably pink and if that’s not available I would do the aqua.. I only need a 8×17 ‘. Pc. Thank you! Bobbi

  8. Adrianne says

    Recently fell in love with Tarkett’s Bubble Fun Turquoise/Green flooring only to find out it’s been long discontinued. Anybody know if I can still find it or something fun like it in greens/ blues??

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