5 colorful modern shower curtains from DeNY Designs

colorful shower curtain DENYIf you have a vintage bathroom with pastel color tiles, one of the greatest ways to play the tiles up — and in a way, to play them down — is with a colorful patterned shower curtain. In just the same manner as wallpaper, shower curtains add visual interest with both pattern and secondary and tertiary colors that you can further accessorize with — that you can use to “pull the room together” in a pleasing way. Today, I show five colorful — kind of bold modern — shower curtains from DENY Designs that could easily be the starting point for giving a midcentury bathroom a fresh new look. Above: “Hide and Seek” shower curtain designed by Rebekah Ginda. Do you have a bathroom with blue tiles and black trim? Here you go.

shower curtain with owlsValentina Ramos’ Cute Little Owls shower curtain would go in a Mamie pink bathroom, of course. I also spy some very light minty green — if you have that tile color, you could use this curtain, too.

Khristian A Howells Nolita’s Drops shower curtain is … serene. Use it in a bathroom tiled in pink or aqua.

Khristian A Howell Nolita’s Chevrons use the same colors, just a much bolder design. The reason I say that bold shower curtains play a tile up — and down — at the same time is that… well, if you have a bathroom full of aquamarine or pink tile (for example), there is pretty much no hiding the fact. Similarly strong colors used elsewhere in the bathroom — on wallpaper or a shower curtain — will balance the strength of the tile, so that you see the *whole* bathroom not *just* the tile, wonderful as it may be.

elephant shower curtain

Okay, so this ain’t pastel. How about for a 60s or 70s bathroom, though? Valentina Ramos’ Aaron shower curtain shows how one simple piece can make a monumental impact and create a design direction for the entire bathroom. I could have used this curtain in my mom’s little bathroom — instead of the Peanuts curtain — as a launching point for my simple graphic look. Heck, I could switch ’em out any time — change the rug and towels, and I have a whole new look. The sheep would have to go, though; only one cute animal theme in a small space at one time, please.

Lots more shower curtain designs at DENY Designs.



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  1. Vanessa says

    WOW! LOVE them!!! I think the last 4 would all work in a 70’s gold bathroom, pretty much the only midcentury color I wouldn’t be excited to own but maybe this is adjusting my perspective 😀 . Thanks for the ideas. Oh and I <3 the last one!!! Might have to have it. 🙂

  2. Annie B. says

    Endless possibilities; something for everybody’s style here.

    These make me want to get brave and attempt a DIY abstract shower curtain. Might be a fun project.

    • wendy says

      If they are framed doors on a tub, you can remove them. You will have a couple holes in the tile on the sides, but those can be filled or disguised somehow. If you decide to do this, read up on how to do it properly to minimize damage to the tile & top of the tub.

      Or, you can always get a tension rod and hang a curtain in front of the doors….I’ve seen that done quite a bit.

      Originally I wanted glass doors with an etched crane design – easily available at many garage/estate sales for cheap, but decided I didn’t want to deal with cleaning the tracks. 🙂

  3. Just another Pam says

    How exciting is this option?


    Use your own design or photograph? Shut up! The problem now will be choosing….old photo of nuns playing volley ball in the desert? A page from a lettering catalogue? A cold war emergency map to escape the city during an atomic attack? Or…..or…..oh, or maybe….?

    I am so excited but have no idea how one would ever choose with only one bathroom….

  4. Lena says

    Love the elephant and would totally match my new bathroom but does anyone know where I can get something like this a little more affordable!

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