KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in 24 retro colors

retro color mixerTalking recently about vintage Sunbeam mixers, reader Gary suggested using caution with well-used estate sale mixers, warning:

Often use and age have diminished or worn away the laminents on the motor’s rotor assembly. Oil also often migrates to contact parts too. The result is a burning or oily smell when the item is powered up.

At the same time Gary offered up a beautiful alternative for a stand mixer made today in a rainbow of retro colors:

Martha Stewart brought back great vintage kitchen colors like turquoise, jade and pink in her Artisan 325-watt KitchenAid mixer line. Everything is new, looks great and runs without issue.

Yup, the Kitchen Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer is one nice looking hunka hunka steel.

It’s available in 24 retro colors — surely one to match your retro kitchen style.  The very firs image shown is Cobalt — a doppelganger for my 2012 Color of the Year, Bitossi Rimini Blu. Such a regal color. But oh my, all these colors — and there are more, you can see them all on Amazon — are gorgeous. Valentine’s Day, anyone?

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  1. chris says

    Santa Claus brought me one of these last year in jadeite green. I thought it was too much money, but I have to say, I love it! It is a work horse in the kitchen!

  2. says

    funny enough, we actually got one of these over the weekend in Aqua Sky. It matches our backsplash perfectly. here’s a link to my Twitter picture:

    The nice little old lady at Macy’s HOOKED US UP. Not only was it on sale, she gave us an extra 20% off because we had registered there for our wedding 3 years prior AND she gave us 2 day shipping for free. It came out to like $214 I think.

  3. says

    I have plain ‘ol white, but I love my mixer and use it all the time. We live near a KitchenAid store that accepts trade-in’s and I have been known to drool over the gorgeous colors, especially the orange (tangerine). But really, I guess I’m okay with plain ‘ol white, especially since it resides in a cupboard and not on the countertop.

    Joe, you got an excellent deal for $214! Macy’s can be pricey but sometimes, when you hit the sales just right, they can be the cheapest place around. I love a good bargain.

  4. Jeanne says

    I’ve had mine since the 1990s and it’s a love relationship between us! Unfortunately at the time there wasn’t a big color selection, so I have a white one with a red band on it. But it is awesome and very retro looking.

  5. Joe says

    I bought our Kitchenaid mixer in 1998. It’s in Empire Green. It’s a strong, dependable workhorse. Actually, when you realize that this is basically the same design they’ve been using since the 1930’s, you have something that is authentic retro.

    Back in the early 1930’s my dad and his dad went out and spent big $ on a Fitzgerald Magic Maid mixer (with all the attachments) for my grandmom. She fought against the idea of something electric being able to equal or exceed her culinary abilities (I understand she had a well-deserved reputation in the several-town area as being the best cook/baker); well, it didn’t take too long for her to fall in love with her “kitchen maid” and she spent the rest of her life acquiring every electric cooking gadget made! Fortunately for me, that mixer still survives and it was passed down to me (it still works perfectly).

    Perhaps there should be a discussion article about vintage major and small kitchen appliances. There is a REAL difference in quality and dependability!

  6. says

    I love baking and I had been lusting over these for a few years…we had one on our wedding registry and were able to buy it 20% off after the wedding (Macys). I got the red one and let me tell you I LOVE THAT MIXER. Best one I ever had and it makes baking so easy! Plus I love the retro look!

  7. clampers says

    I can account for that burning oil smell in my 1962 Osterizer.

    Don’t have a Kitchenaid but I really like that deep blue color!

  8. says

    I got one as a Christmas gift last year from my parents after wanting it since I was 17. I have it in red & use it all the time. I now bake things I never would of thought of making myself, like French and cinnamon raisin breads, yum! I highly recommend the icecream attachment as well, it’s super easy to make your own icecream and you don’t have to worry about having another appliance taking up room!

  9. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    I have a red one, and I would give anything to be able to change the color. That’s the only thing I don’t love, love, LOVE about it.
    I don’t have the one in the picture, though. I went with the next level down, only because I wanted a lift stand instead of the tilt mixer. At the time (2007), the shields on the lift stand ones worked much better. The tilt stand shields were known to still let flower and fine dough through. I would hope they they have fixed that by now.
    I am not going to trade my red one in, though. I am just going to sew a nice quilted mixer cozy for it. Very mid century modest.

  10. Michael says

    I purchased my KitchenAid mixer (pewter metallic) *and* started my subscription to Martha Stewart Living in December 1994– changed my life! lol

  11. says

    I’ve had the Pistachio for almost four years, and seeing it in my kitchen every day still makes me incredibly happy! (Using it makes me happy too). Love it!

  12. Marta says

    I’ve had my White KitchenAid mixer since 1989. To quote Consumer Reports at the time, “If you need a stand mixer, you need a KitchenAid.” Mine was a birthday present from my husband, prompted by his thinking the large bowl of buttercream icing I’d made in small batches with a KitchenAid hand mixer and put in the fridge in preparation for a class I was taking was a good midnight snack. I was 9 (yes, 9) months pregnant. He told me what he’d done at 8am and my class was at 10am. So, after HE had the pleasure of making batch after batch of of buttercream icing with a handmixer, he decided I really needed an upgrade. Mine is a 4.5qt mixer, which I don’t recommend since that extra 1/2 quart capacity of the 5qt mixers makes things MUCH easier. That being said, my mixer is still going strong, and 2 of my 3 kids are ready to pounce on it should I ever upgrade. The 3rd and oldest child now has her own 6qt KitchenAid. I bought it for her birthday, at Goodwill, for $40 with the Kohl’s $365 price tag still on it. As far as upgrading mine, I covet and crave the lovely colors, but can’t justify the expense unless mine finally dies. Which, we all know, won’t happen as long as it’s cared for properly.

  13. says

    I agree with Gary wholeheartedly. I bought a fabulous vintage mixer (don’t recall the details) several years ago, and whenever I ran it, it dumped rust and oil into the bowl. If that’s not failure, I don’t know what is. I kept the bowl, though!

    I also worry a bit about the wiring, since unlike a lamp, it’s not exactly an easy assembly to modernize. This is a perfect alternative, thanks for sharing!

    • Ann-Marie Meyers says

      Ewwww! Yeah. I would, and do rewire lamps, especially since I go to European import auctions, but I wouldn’t attempt a kitchen appliance.
      Maybe after I do my tole chandelier I might be a bit braver, but probably not.

  14. Joy says

    My mom bought me the turquoise Martha Stewart kitchenaid mixer a few years ago as a you-don’t-have-to-get-engaged-to-get-this-mixer present. (THANK YOU MOM!) I am the last of my friends to get married, but the first of them to get this mixer! I honestly don’t know who’s more envious! 😉

  15. Rosemary says

    The Mommy fairy bought me the metallic red Kitchen Aid with the glass bowl that Williams Sonoma had a few years back. Just yummy.

  16. Melanie says

    I lost one kitchen aide in a divorce and it took me over nine years to decide I wanted another one. I think you have to do a LOT of baking to justify spending that amount of money on a mixer. I’ve burned up 4 hand held mixers, and two sunbeams, all for a lot less money than I’ve spent on my kitchen aides.

    That said, this summer, when I burnt up the new model sunbeam, I bit the bullet and bought a kitchen aid again. I an order for wedding cake coming up and didn’t want to deal with mixer issues anymore. This one is basic black. It goes with my vintage aluminum and black West Bend canisters.

    • says

      Oh my gosh, this made me smile. The KitchenAid mixer was one of the most contentious items in my divorce. I thought we were crazy (well, we were…), but I just was not going to let it go! Glad you got yourself a new one. Things can carry so much symbolic weight.

      • says

        Also recently divorced here and know exactly what you mean! I bought a cobalt blue Kitchenaid about seven years ago with birthday money. I’m glad we were able to work out a “custody agreement” so it could stay in my kitchen! :)

  17. Vanessa says

    I have the cobalt one, I got it in 1995 when they first reintroduced color mixers, I don’t remember their being very many choices, now I wish I had a softer or brighter color, but it’s fine, works wonderfully and has made many batches of bread, cakes and cookies over the years. :-)

    Pam, I hope you don’t mind me posting a link but there is an artist I ran across online that paints Kitchen Aid mixers and they are AMAZING!!!! (she actually works in the next town over from me, so I really want to see her studio!!!) Check out her gallery. Dreamy stuff there!!

      • pam kueber says

        haha, I have to correct my posts all the time. Published “are” instead of “our” in one of my stories today. We all need editors… especially in today’s lightning speed-paced whirled (sic).

  18. teresa says

    We studied the color options, and had favorites (pistachio! Tangerine!) but stuck with basic black as it matches the countertop and blends into the backsplash. On its first use, hubby and daughter made brownies from scratch and pink-tinted whipped cream for my birthday.

  19. Annie B. says

    I’m on a tear for the “pear”!

    Wouldn’t a mixer in pear look great in Suzann’s bungalow kitchen makeover?

  20. 75Heather says

    I watched and watched and watched for a good sale price on a Kitchenaide the year before last and finally pounced when the aqua one went on sale on Amazon. I absolutely love it!!

  21. gsciencechick says

    DH bought one in Ice for Christmas. Full disclosure, he is also interested in using the meat grinder and sausage stuffer attachments, so it was really a gift for “us”. I’m not a huge baker such as for Christmas, but I made pizza dough, and it was awesome. We could not decide between Ice and the Cobalt, but we have a Big Chill in Beach Blue, so clearly we made the right decision here.

  22. Lynne says

    We have a ho- hum white one. I wish these mixers had a clear glass mixing bowl, so I could see what’s going on. It never fails, just when I think everything is all well combined, I find UNmixed dry flour or cocoa when I pour the batter into the pans.

    • peggy says

      Dear Lynne and readers, I found very early on,to always place my wet ingredients in the mixing bowl first. That way you don’t end up with un -mixed product sticking to the bottom or sides of your bowl after mixing. Just scrape w/ spatula and mix until completely done. Saves a lot of time.

  23. says

    I have a white one given as a gift from my parents at least 10 years ago. When all the great colors started coming out, I lusted after many of them. Now, however, after all the great commenting about what’s timeless and classic, I have a new appreciation for my white one. These mixers are too expensive to swap out for color, and my white one will look good no matter what color my kitchen is.

  24. Marion Powell says

    My kids bought me an Empire Red Artisan for Christmas. I still have my mom’s from 1969. My daughter said she wants that one when she’s on her own. It will probably last through my grandchildren. ItS one hunk a machine.

  25. Valerie says

    A great place to get a good deal on the KA mixer’s is on their online shop. Got my mom a fabulous apple red one the other year for Christmas and paid under $200. They are factory refurbished and I swear that stuff often works better, b/c they do so many quality control checks on them the second time round. She bakes A LOT and hasn’t had any problems with it. I really had to “stalk” the website until they had an apple red one for sale, so you do have to patient when looking for a specific color.

  26. AnnieP625 says

    I bought the Pistaschio Green in April, 2006 and I still love it almost 6 yrs. later. It is a great machine and I have never had a problem with it. I swear I was cursed when making sugar cookies until I got this mixer. I replaced my vintage Sunbeam mixer with this one and have not looked back!

  27. Amy Bullock says

    I am looking earnestly for a Kitchenaid in Jadite Green… I believe it used to be called ‘seacrest’ green. If anyone knows where/how I could obtain one in this color I would be so grateful. The pistachio is too green, and Martha Stewart’s aqua is too blue. The one I have seen(though rarely) is a true green/blue color. It looks like a color out of the movie Gidget;)
    Any ideas – give me a shout!
    Love Kitchenaid :)

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