• Kate installs a new electric cooktop, plus news from Eartha Kitsch, Mr. Modtomic, and Mark and Cara at Our Art & Crafts House

    electric cooktopWhat has our Retro Tribe been up to this week, and recently? I cruised around all the midcentury house blogs listed on my blogroll, and found some inspiring stories — readers completing projects, getting crafty and generally loving the house they’re in. Above: Kate gets supa props for doing regular postings on her blog Retro Ranch Revamp. This past week: great job on (1) watching and then pouncing for GE electric cooktop on sale and then (2) installing it to replace the worn glass-top model remuddled into the space years prior. Yup: Great retro style, and impressive DIY skills including a spotlight on safety.

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    1. Yay for the Catholic Education Center! It is one of my favorite buildings in St. Louis. I have been meaning to take some pictures of the cool mid century buildings around here – this gives me a little kick in the seat :)

    2. Ann-Marie Meyers says:

      I love watching the doings at Retro Ranch Revamp. Their house is very near to my old place in Wisconsin, the one we sold for $140,000 fifteen years ago that is worth $300,000 now. Retro is cool in the Milwaukee area!
      Kate’s kitchen is exactly like my old one, so it is fun seeing what she does with hers.

    3. Kate’s been doing a great job on her kitchen. I can’t wait to see how it looks when she gets the rest of the cupboard doors on and the backsplash decision. And Leo (her dog) is a hoot!

    4. That pregnant granny figurine cracks me up! I had my first and only child at 41. While we planned and desperately wanted our daughter, I know how that granny feels sometimes! (Sorry if that was TMI!) Let’s hear it for the geriatric set!

    5. I just drove by that building earlier today and was telling a friend I thought I had read it was endanger of being torn down. Good timing on your blog. Tearing it down would be a sin.

    6. Thanks Pam, for the link to my lil ol bloggy blog! We are blessed (aha! get it!) with some amazing religious architecture here in St. Louis county since (I believe) the area was suffused with general prosperity in the 1960s.

    7. A “supa” thanks to you Pam for featuring me on your blog! :)

      I keep working away at the kitchen project! I was getting kinda worn out but seeing the positive feedback from you and readers on your blog gave me just the energy I need to keep on truckin’! :) Stay tuned for the final results!

    8. Thanks Pam! I’ll take “a hoot and a half” any day! And yes…people are resisting the movement but grannies indeed ARE hot. Any day now, the hipsters will be wearing house slippers. Just you wait!

    9. Love Kate’s Kitchen…Impressive. love the wood putty idea…that was some smart thinking…..this girl is skilled! love the cook top!

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