1,000s of square feet of vintage mosaic tile — great prices

Really truly, I don’t just post things for sale on ebay on this blog! It’s just that when I see AMAZING treasure troves, I post them as soon as I can like they are “breaking news.” BREAKING NEWS: This seller has uncovered thousands of square feet of New Old Stock ceramic mosaic tiles, the listing says it’s from a contractor’s house. I can feature/spotlight 10 items in my ebay carousels; once you’re in to one listing, go to the link there that says “Seller’s Other Items” for MORE styles. The quantities vary — and read the fine print — the backing may be aging, so when you go to tile this you may be doing piece work. We call that *some therapy* here, and it’s good for the soul. We believe in doing things The Hard Way. Makes for much better stories. Sigh. The stuff just keeps coming coming coming out basements, attics, closets, shed, workrooms, stores. We do have our Stuff here in the US of A.

{link to listing long gone}


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  1. says

    You helped me find that vintage Boomerang Formica vanity from Vermont and now I think you just helped me find the floor tile that is going to go with it. I just messaged them to see if they have enough square feet to do our bath. Luckily the bathroom in our house is small, at $12/sqft it’s kinda pricey, but very cool.

    • pam kueber says

      Joe, I think that $12/s.f. for this quality of tile is a great price compared to if you tried to find something similar, new. But, yes, if you can score some at, say, a Re-Store or estate sale, yes, you could surely do better. What color are going for? I forget what color your vanity is…

    • BlueJay says

      Joe, I bought about 200 sq. ft for a future bathroom renovation (our master bath, which means all 3 bathrooms will have vintage tile!); they have a lot of sq. footage of these tiles, according to the seller. They also will arrange bulk shipping as opposed to buying piece meal. I told the seller he should contact Pam, as they are currently listing the stock as mosaic supplies. I don’t think they realize how much of a gold mine they’ve stumbled on…

  2. Kelli says

    Never too many ebay discoveries for me! Thanks to your carousel postings, I’ve finally found a light that my husband likes! He’s slowly learning to find the good in my obsession with mid cent mod, but very difficult to find things he really will consider!
    Locating, agreeing, and finding anything affordable can be daunting!
    But thanks to your posting the other day, I found the coolest Moe pull-down (just before it ended); in awesome shape and really unique! And he liked it!!!
    Here’s the TA-DA…found it in time, and WON! Awesome Moe for our dining room for $50 (great shape and huge!)! Sooo excited!! Kinda karmic; I vote for my favorite blog in the finals; then after a year of hunting, find the perfect, affordable light! Hope the votes keep on coming!
    Thanks again!

    • pam kueber says

      Yay, yes: Karma. 🙂 Be aware, I am told those pull down lights are no longer to code; also, rewiring old stuff or having it inspected by a pro is well advised; Bottom line: please consult with a licensed professional to make sure you can make informed decisions.

      • Kelli says

        Thank you for the heads up Pam! Great advice…safety first. This has actually been one of the reasons it’s been so hard to get hubby to go retro vs reproduction; he’s an electrician (plumber too!) Lucky me!?! 😉
        Always errs on the side of caution and safety!
        Thanks for the awesome blog and good luck in the design blog contest…already first in my book!

  3. Elaine says

    I see one that could do the job for my kitchen backsplash, too! Exciting! The auction is for one sheet and I need 20. They say that will be no problem. New listings going up this afternoon, too.

  4. Michael says

    Oh my god these are KILLING me! If only they’d popped up BEFORE we renovated both bathrooms last year. [sigh…]

  5. Cheryl says

    What’s the seller’s eBay name? (if you read this blog on an iPad, or other device that does’t do flash… No carousel… and I’d like to go look at his eBay listings)

  6. says

    Just wanted to let u know I purchased 60 sq ft of the T8 tile—I’m in love–wish I had more to do I would by them all–going to re-do the powder room and put it back into its original style. Thanks so much for the lead-love you and Mark!!!

  7. Julie says

    Mark (mhavens2009) relisted a lot of these today, FYI. I’m like most of your readers in that I wish I had enough rooms for all of them! Amazing. I’m just drooling over here. I just bought 27 sq ft of T14 for my backsplash. He cuts the price for bulk orders like this.

  8. Charlotte says

    Just wanted to say thank you again for this post, Pam. I did a restoration of a kitchen backsplash with some of this seller’s vintage tiles. I’m happy to post some before and after shots of this if you’d like. Bummed now that he’s out of stock as I am moving to another city and would like to buy more tile of a different pattern for our new (old) house! Oh, well, half the fun is in the hunting. 🙂

  9. Kate says

    Hi Pam,
    I am only just looking for retro vintage tiles now for bathroom reno and found this page … it’s perfect!! Do you know if the seller still has any or where I might get similar? I am in Australia looking locally here but nothing to be found so far – happy to get things sent out to OZ if i found it on line – like this site. Cheers

  10. Mark says

    Wow.. I am in the midst of rebuilding my 1962 bathroom (due to water damage prior to purchasing), and T21 is the EXACT tile that USED to be the back of my shower. I have been trying to find a suitable replacement for months. Too bad I’m just seeing this post now, a few years too late… Thanks for posting!

  11. Julie says

    Mark you might try contacting eBay Mark (mhavens2009) to see what he has. He was really nice when I contacted him and told me exactly how much he had left of the pattern I wanted.

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