Vintage Lightolier, you light up my life

vintage lightolier pendants from a theaterSince I am on the hunt for sconces or for my living room, I have been looking at hundreds, if not thousands (no kidding), of lighting designs online. Old and new. But of course, I immensely prefer the vintage.

Like: The six vintage Lightolier pendants that Chad just listed on ebay. Thanks, Chad for giving me permission to feature a few photos from your listing. I am sure will sell them fast — these are amazing — so it’s nice to have them for our historical record, and your photos are fabulous.

My oh my oh my, these would look fantastic as complements to my vintage Lightolier chandelier. But, I don’t need pendants. My loss, your gain, I am un-hoarding this rare and wonderful find and casting out to you, retro world, in today’s ebay carousel, which is also full of other beauteous vintage lighting, including Multiples and New Old Stock — click on through to see them all –> 

Tip to using the ebay carousel:  To go to a particular item, click on its photo (NOT on the ebay logo) — then, click on the lime green “View and Bid” box, which will take you to the item on ebay. Disclosure: When you buy anything from these ebay carousels or after you click into ebay here, it nets me a teensy commission.

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    • Allen says

      Hi Jackie,
      Those chairs are made by Knoll International furniture company. They were designed by Eero Saarinen in 1957. While quite pricey new, you can usually find a better price for vintage examples as these were very commonly used in commercial settings in the 1950’s – 70’s.

      • pam kueber says

        Thanks, Allen. Yes, I think these chairs are “around”, vintage. Now that they are in Jackie’s consciousness, she just needs to keep her eyes peeled and I bet the RDGs may send some her way!

    • Chad says

      This is Chad the seller of the lights. I have those chairs on commission from a friend of mine and should be listing them this week. There are six but the other three are green with black legs (this is how he found them).

      • pam kueber says

        Hi Chad, thank you! I keep dreaming of those lights. Alas, I do not have a 1970s time capsule Florida beach condo. Yet.

  1. says

    I want the lights! Bad!

    Oh, my heart soared when I saw these. They are EXACTLY right for our kitchen. They would look so sweet in tandem with the light in the dining area we found. You know how you look and look and look and nothing seems right, and you say to yourself, “I guess I’ll know what it is when I see it.”

    I just saw it.

    And then I saw the price.


  2. Just another Pam says

    Have mercy, those lights are splendid. Too much for my little house but wow…..

    Sometimes being a grown up bites (note adult language), years ago I would have bought them anyway.

    Now going to go write – less IS more….really – on my wall.

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