Retail therapy: Oh so blue, on sale

I have been feeling a wee bit out of sorts. So I amused myself with some virtual retail therapy and went poking around online looking for Pretty Stuff on Sale. I aimed to keep it relevant to the blog by looking for vintage style and vintage designers and by focusing on my 2012 color of the year, Bitossi Rimini Blu. Above: The Kartell Eros swivel chair, shown here in my blue — aka Cobalt — is currently on sale 15%. That’s still not a lot when you’re talking about a $700 chair — takes it down to $595. Alas, I had a chance to buy one for about $75 a few years ago. *Kick self repeatedly.* So pretty — and functional, given its size. On sale at a variety of online and brick-and-mortar retailers, including, from whence the photo. Click on through for more blue beauty –>

Includes some close-enough blue: These butterfly design… and jacquard design bath towels, new at Pottery Barn. Thanks to reader Heidi, who tipped me off, cuz she knows I’m obsessed with vintage- and vintage-look towels. A cheap thrill. Don’t these two towel mix together nicely? Right now, they are on sale 20%. Pottery Barn actually has a lot of retro- vintage-inspired towels now. When it comes to towels, they seem to be running full steam with the Anthropologie look. (Or what I know as the Anthro look.)

Up to 40% off of Marimekko bed and bath at — including this yummy Unikko sheet set in rich deep blue, yum.

Vintage Vera unapologetic blue poppies bath towels on sale at Macy’s. The coordinating shower curtain is on sale, too. As is the butterfly pattern and all its coordinates.

16-piece sets of Fiestaware — in a variety of colors — are currently 30% at Kohls, $140. I bet if you watch the newspaper, you could get an additional discount.

mirror wall shelfOkay, not blue, but you could use this  Mirrored wall shelves from Horchow, to display your Rimini Blu tchotchkes. The wall shelves are $199 each, a discount of 39%. These  are  12″ wide, 50″ tall, 7″ deep — and I can see them working very nicely indeed, in just the right spot where you want to showcase some little treasures. These are the kind of wall thingies that you could use in any almost any room, in almost any house, that you ever imagine living…. and when you pass, the kids would fight over who gets them.

The Bitossi Rimini Blu miniature set pieces — a special edition of ten — are on sale a wee-bit at Design Within Reach.

Looking at all this pretty pretty, now I don’t feel so blue.


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  1. Marta says

    The exact blue and green in that miniature set were the pattern colors of the set of pinch-pleat drapes I found at Goodwill the other day. The fabric was a lovely heavy weave with a cream background, and the drapes were beautifully lined.

    I didn’t get them. They were $7 for the pair, but there was only one pair, and I have no single window roooms. Even so, I lusted after that material. But, I talked myself out of them, but promised myself if they were still there the next day (Wednesday 55’s and up get 20% off), I would get them. Naturally, they were gone. Kick myself, kick myself, kick myself.

  2. D3899 says

    Thanks for the Finn Style heads up! I had, a mere 24 hours earlier, selected pillows from another store that were on a sale here! Happy to save about $30!!

    My kitchen accent color is cobalt (6 years now!). It was also picked up in the LR, but I JUST changed it over! You made me think very carefully about that decision, though!!

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