7 super-size sunburst mirrors — big statement pieces for your living room

When I showed photos of my living room recently in my story about adding more light, lots of folks complimented my starburst mirror. I bought it six or seven years ago, from Ballard Designs, for about $300, as I recall. I went poking around to see if it was still for sale. Yup.

Photo: from Horchow’s. The mirror is very sturdy, the design is lovely, it comes in two finishes, and it’s a whopping 39″ wide burst-to-burst. Big wall space? Incorporate some big pieces, and you will be pleased.

Other big statement sunburst mirrors? I like the selection at Horchow’s — the design above and all that follow are from this lovely company. Note, there may be additional handling on some of these bulky items (put them in the shopping cart to see…)… Above, this beauty is also 39.5 inches wide, $495 on sale, from Horchow’s.

Above: 43″, an even bigger statement mirror — and modern gone baroque, too! $495 from Horchow’s.

Above: Cyrus, 34″ wide, on sale as I write this, for $249, from Horchow’s. 

Yikes, the guy above is ginormous — 54.5 inches wide — and has a $775 base price tag to go with. From Horchow’s.

Okay, not a sunburst, a flower, Golden Petals is 36″ wide, $275, Horchow’s.

All-mirrors sunburst mirror, 36″, $245, Horchow’s. Reminds me of a George Nelson clock.


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  1. nancy says

    Home Goods! I found a beauty there just last week….32″, nice materials, in perfect shape, $99. WooHoo!

  2. MCM is Grand says

    Thanks again for a timely post, Pam! I am in the market for one of these..FYI, a recent issue of This Old House included instructions on how to make one with shims…

    (link broken)

    Maybe one of your more talented readers (not I) could give this a try!

  3. laura says

    I saw a project in a magazine that involved taking paint stirrers (painted to your liking) and gluing them to a circular mirror, alternating the lengths of course to make the star burst effect.

    • pam kueber says

      Thanks for the tip, Jennifer. I was in the HD the other day — all the Martha Stewart stuff looks pretty nice!

    • Lorri A says

      I also bought mine from Home Depot and am very happy with it. I was wanting a starburst clock and had not yet found one when I happened to see the starburst mirror at HD.

  4. Wendy M. says

    I made a diy version last year using wooden skewers which I spray-painted gold. I like it- although it’s not something I would put in our living room (we have a built-in telephone table in a hall off our entryway which needed a little something in terms of decor.) I really like the ones you’ve featured…out of my budget- considering the things we actually *need* to do to our home- but it’s fun to dream!

  5. TappanTrailerTami says

    These are all great Pam….I’d probably opt for the 3rd mirror out of the ones shown, however, for a few more bucks, I LUSTED after this etched peach glass starburst mirror clock!

    Sheryl’s Deco in the UK always has the BEST art deco stuff. Came across this one perusing her site last week, ooh la la!

    Towards the bottom of the page:


  6. Jason says

    I have been going to check out the Home Depot Mirror in person, but when I was in there they other day I forgot…

  7. Jill says

    hey, does anybody have a bead on where to get an exterior metal starburst dingbat?

    I just really need one.

  8. Mary M. says

    I have been trying to purchase that star burst mirror through Kravet for months. My boss wanted it like yesterday. I did a Google image search and found you. WOW, I can’t thank you enough, I just called Rejuvenation and ordered the mirror, I have been redeemed!!!


    Mary M.

  9. says

    Will do!!! My boss is very happy. Original ETS for the mirror was May. Rejuvenation will have it here by 4/2!!!. Thanks so much again.

    Mary M.

  10. Chelsea says

    Ooh I love these. My great-grandparents had one, the outside shape was more like this clock (which I believe is the same brand), and the mirror is a convex oval. It’s in storage at my parents’ house right now… someday when I have a big enough place, I can’t wait to put it up.

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