Upcycled pendant lights made from vintage tin party horns

It’s kind of rainy and gray today but BOOM POW WHAM, I went over to see if my artist friend Susan Schneider of Shandell’s had anything new up her sleeve and oh my goodness, yes she did: She has now begun upcycling vintage tin party horns in to pendant lighting. Each horn is 13″ tall — imagine the statement these would make all grouped together! And the colors, patterns, patina and the shape: These make me so happy. Toot toot toot!

See Susan’s website for more photos of these lights. Susan’s work is gorgeous, she uses all high-end materials. As you will recall, she and I had fun launching her Original Cloth Cord Swag & Pendant Light Kits — which you can use to create fabulous upcycled lighting of your own.

Love these lights or anything else on Susan’s site? Susan says to use the code RETRO for a 10% discount on anything you buy. Disclosure: She’s an advertiser currently, but this was not part of the deal. Those party horns just made me gleeful!


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        Correction, thanks you guys, it is the turn of the 20th century. Tin was produced in this country from the 1860’s on. These horns were purchased from an antique dealer that I have done business with for 20 years. Thanks again Laura for keeping me on my toes, my mind was in the 19th century at the time:)

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