A house full of 400 vintage appliances: Crazy cool!

“… Yes… we’re obsessed… but in positive way…”

This video is INSANE! This couple, Robert and Fred, have collected $40,000 worth of vintage appliances — a total of 400 appliances — including vintage Mixmasters, Hoover vacuums, Constellations, toasters. And, they have like 26 washers and dryers in their 1,200 basement alone. They now never use a washing machine made after 1965. These are our kind of people! Thanks to reader Amanda for the tip! Click on through to watch –>


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  1. Francis says

    Either of these guys should be featured on the Jerry Springer show, “Baggage.” Imagine hearing Jerry say, “My house is filled with 400 vintage appliances.”

  2. Diane Rovnack says

    I just LOVE your video! What a cool home you have! The appliances are too cool for words!!!! Do you have ANY idea where I can get a ROSE colored Rubbermaid dish basin? They seem to be non existant these days! There has to be somewhere I can get one. I checked on E Bay and saw none!

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