Ceramic floor tile that looks like slate — including small random mosaics in 8 colors

Daltile Random Mosaic Indian RedThanks to reader Tami, who tipped me to the new line of ceramic tiles by Daltile that look like slate. This new line for sure its playing up the midcentury cues. For example: It includes large tiles that can be arranged in a random fashion to look like the real deal random color Vermont Slate. See Cindy’s outdoor patio, she used this real slate. If you are interested in creating this larger-scale floor, it pays to comparison shop between the ceramic and the real-deal slate. The true slate is pretty inexpensive — I’m guessing it will be cheaper (and more authentic) to use that the Daltile.

Random mosaic Daltile Egyptian BeigeWhat really excites me about this new line are the small random mosaics. I don’t think you can get small random slate like this, so if you want this look, I’m betting that this Daltile line is the way to go. I love small random mosaics for mid mod bathrooms. In pastel porcelains, this design was popular from the 1940s on. These slate colors, I’d say, are appropriate for a 1970s-style floor. The 1970s was all about tile — and earth tones like these in particular. Hey, I’m liking tile that looks like stone; mark this day on the calendar! Above: Daltile’s Random Block Mosaic in Indian Red (which reminds me of the colors in the famous Armstrong #5352) and Egyptian Gold.

brazil green daltile random mosaic Above: Brazil Green.

Daltile Random Mosaic Asian BlackAbove: Asian Black.

Daltile Random Mosaic Persian GoldAbove: Persian Gold.

Daltile Random Mosaic Morroccan BrownAbove: Moroccan Brown.

Tuscan Blue Daltile Random MosaicAbove: Tuscan Blue.

English Gray Daltile Random MosaicAbove: English Gray.



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  1. Jordanna says

    I love the Brazil Green!

    The golds have a soft pastel look on my monitor.

    That ivory-creamy Mrs. Davis bathroom you showed a month or so ago, Pam, with the damask wallpaper and the beautiful luminescent ivory colour? I sort of wonder if the gold slate could be a similar feel as that? Especially the Persian Gold, looking at them on my monitor.

    Or I’m in the wacky tobaccy.

  2. says

    I love that Brazil Green, too! I wonder how this would look in my foyer?
    We have peeling laminate flooring in our foyer right now, and I would love to replace it with something pretty, economical, and durable. This looks like my solution.

  3. Tracy DeHart says

    I like the Brazil Green and the Persian Gold. Slate in general is probably my least favorite flooring material – especially the multicolored one that looks similar to the Tuscan Blue one. It definitely looks better in mosaic with different size tiles though. I swear, every other house we looked at when we were house shopping had square multicolored slate in at least one of the bathrooms. Drove me nuts! 🙂

  4. TappanTrailerTami says

    In lieu of Armstrong ever bringing back their famous random size linoleum (or vinyl?) sheet flooring , this could be the reasonable compromise. My faves are the red and the green for sure.

    Thanks for featuring this – unfortunately, I don’t have a place to put it in my house, but maybe others will. Oh, Pam….did the Lurex sheers post get put on the back burner…just curious?


    • pam kueber says

      T3, the Lurex sheers are waitin’ for when the time is right. My blog is like improv. Regarding using tile instead of vinyl: Tile very hard underfoot. Oh, for soft resilient beauteous Armstrong 5352!

    • s cross says

      For years, linoleum has been a bad word in my house. I have remodeled too many homes with linoleum, shag carpet, flocked (and foiled) wallpaper to every put linoleum in a bathroom. Wear flip flps when you walk on the hard tile in your bathroom!

  5. Jane says

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I would love to put down the real deal but even the ‘guaged’ slate isn’t all that flat. Since I tend to trip over anything thicker than a dog hair, I’ve been hoping for something like this.
    It is probably worth mentioning that it’s porcelain tile and not ceramic – big difference in the durability and applications (for starters, ceramic is much more prone to chipping and has an obvious red or white clay color inside but porcelain is usually colored throughout).

    • pam kueber says

      oh, thank you for that clarification. I admit: I don’t, or didn’t understand the difference! Is the one of those things where “all porcelains are ceramics, but not all ceramics are porcelains?”

  6. TappanTrailerTami says

    LOL Pam – and I should say you do improv very, very well 🙂

    Yes, I too, long for Armstrong 5352! My mom and dad’s custom built (prior owner) 2 mile long rambler had that throughout the kitchen and rec room. When they bought the house at 20 years old, that flooring still looked just like new – installed originally in 1953.

    • pam kueber says

      I wasn’t kidding about the improv. True business-driven bloggers have an “editorial” calendar, which is smart and which I probably need to do at some point if I want to get lots of sponsors. However, so far I am (1) not that organized and (2) I kinda like to see what comes at me day-to-day. You all send me so many tips, I can’t — don’t want to — plan too far ahead!

  7. TappanTrailerTami says

    HAHA! Well, we’ll see if you get “organized” enough after your office re-do to also become editorialized 🙂

  8. Miranda says

    Not really about tile, but related to flooring….I am trying to find references or pictures of sheet linoleum that has been rolled up the bottom of the wall and finished with a metal edging. Is there a specific term for this? My mom had this in her 1956 home. I think my 1952 had this as I can see a line about 4 inches up on the wall. Had some repair/patch job done on the current vinyl and could see what was an awesome green spotted linoleum underneath. This really is an awesome flooring concept. No hard edges for dirt to get stuck, no grout to clean. Just wishing I could find some photos or info….

    • pam kueber says

      Miranda, I think this can still be done with linoleum. Why don’t you email Marmoleum or Armstrong and see what they say. I know exactly what you are talking about…

    • pam kueber says

      hmmm. well, slate was most commonly used in the hallway, but then you can still get real slate just like back in the day for that. I am not sure, I just liked them!

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