Save the Pink Bathroom love letter

save the pink bathroomGolly gee, look at this happy little love letter — with photo — that I received this week. Wendy writes: 

Hi Pam,

First let me say, “Thank you!” for your webpage, Save the Pink Bathrooms“. I just bought a home that built in 1957. I had been contemplating remodeling the “Pink” bathroom all together until in my remodeling research I stumbled across your website. Eureka! I have been inspired to protect my pink bathroom. Now I will probably repaint the cabinetry and add some more modern knobs, add some other period novelty pieces, and add a better window treatment.


Yippee, another pink bathroom saved. Have you taken your pledge? –> Click over and please do and most of all, keep spreading that pink — and green and blue and yellow and gray and beige and lavendar and all those pretty pastel colors that granny loved — love. xoxo and have a great weekend, everyone, back at you come Monday!


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  1. says

    Well, my decision to save my 5′ x 7′ 1950’s cape cod bathroom (black wall tile with seafoam green as the cap pieces and along the floor line) was due less to any great love for it as due to the realization that demolishing all this tile, put on plaster walls, that’s in perfectly good shape, and replacing plaster walls with sheetrock, was a crime against construction.

    My problem is that my taste leans more towards arts & crafts, so my 1950’s bathroom (which has an awful 1970’s vanity currently), is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge. I’m ordering an American Standard retrospect sink with Skyline washstand, and right now I have samples of 2″ white/black oct-and-dot and 1″ hex tile with embedded flower on the floor trying to decide what to use and what will go along with my Ming [green] the Merciless curved-bottom hazard-to-the-elderly bathtub. Thoughts from total strangers are welcome.

  2. Dulcie says

    There’s been a pink toilet and 2 matching pink sinks on sale on my local Craig’s List for only $50 and I’ve been so tempted to buy them. Problem is have no place to put them and just can’t justify the purchase. Same with the awesome set of $100 metal cabinets I just saw there today. I really shouldn’t go on Craigslist, it just makes me sad I can’t save all the incredible stuff out there.

  3. Wyatt James says

    I bought my parents old house, built in 1955, and it still has it’s pink bathroom tile, which is in really great shape. I don’t plan to do anything with it 🙂

  4. KDA says

    I blame HGTV for the demise of pink bathrooms. It kills me when I see house hunters talking about gutting beautifully tiled bathrooms. There was one episode where a couple want to gut the most lovely art deco bathroom in a Spanish style bungalow. Thankfully, they didn’t buy that house. But they did end up removing the only piece of character–the mantle–in the house they did buy. I always find myself rooting for the bathrooms!

  5. Taia says

    I’m pleased as punch to have TWO wonderful pastel bathrooms, one is butter yellow with black trim and my bathroom is peachy-pink with maroon trim. I am so in love with both of them and will NEVER allow my landlord to touch them, even when he asked if he could! Keep saving those PINK bathrooms 🙂

  6. says

    I love the Pink Bathroom Campaign, too–and keep meaning to send in photos of my pinky-beige bathroom for some Retro Renovation lovin’ ideas! My house is one of those troubling “Executive Ranch” variations on the mid-century theme–meaning every aspect has some brown, French Provincial, Colonial, or otherwise Fuddy-Duddy juju mixed in with the lovely, long lines and elegant spaces. But we can’t just gut it, partly out of respect for the era, but mostly because there’s no way to replace this stuff with goods of equal quality. (Don’t even get me started on the kitchen cabinets.)

    Plus, it DOES grow on you.

    We’ve decided that the best thing to do would be to go for a Betty-Draper-meets-James-Bond-at an Asian-Spa theme and see what we can do! So far, I’ve put in an orchid and a white bath mat and am waiting for further inspiration.

    One note–Pam, I was delighted to see my bathroom countertop tile on your E-Bay carousel a few days ago! Not that I need more of the maroon/beige/white with gold fleck mosaic, but it’s nice to know it’s still out there!

  7. Kelly R. says

    My son bought a home with a pink bathroom. The bottom half of the walls are pink tile with black tile border. The floor is pink tiles. The old homeowners had wallpaper on the walls, but tore it down before they left. He wants to paint the walls but has no idea what color to paint, He said no pink or black. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • Nancy Synek says

      I painted mine a silvery grey to go with the pink and black. Changed the light fixtures to alabaster and nickel and painted the trim and very tiny medicine cabinet white. I use great big fluffy white towels, a white shower curtain and black bath and toilet rug.

  8. Shonie says

    I’m moving in this great apartment building and my apartment has two full bathrooms one all pink and the other all blue. At first I was going nuts thinking why is this like this what can I do with these bathrooms,until I ran across this website. I just want some suggestions on what and how to decorate these bathrooms.

    • pam kueber says

      send me some pics and maybe we can do a feature – use the Contact form to connect. many thanks and congratulations!

  9. jsteen says

    Thinking of purchasing a old colonial home that has a full first floor bathroom that has a pink toilet, tub, round pink sink inside a large lime green vanity, no shower doors,the main walls are that light bright green, trimmed in pink. meminds me of sorority colors, and of course its in wonderful conditions, and I stumbled upon your site and if purchased will not remodel but will update. Walls are now white, but a mess cause house needs major tlc. The green is quite bright but would love for people to give me advice on wall paper, paint colors, etc.. Would love to keep but I would like for this bathroom to fabulous when a guest walks in. Oh, will need a pink wall sink, or pedestal sink, I live in Pennsylvania, near Philly and would love some help locating these items, just don’t know where to go. i WANT THIS BATHROOM TO BE ELEGANT, AND BEAUTIFUL, AND WHEN YOU STEP IN i WANT YOU TO SAY WOW.

  10. Brenda says

    I will be closing on a 1959 Florida ranch style home next month. Both bathrooms are original. The master features half tiled walls that are seafoam green with a tiled vanity in the same color. The sink in the vanity is pink, as is the toilet. There is no tub in this one, just a shower. The current owner has a wallpaper mural of bookshelves (which i do not like!) But I am at a loss as to how to decorate this room. The same is true with the second bathroom…but the tile in that one is grey with a pink toilet, sink with vanity and pink tub. The current owner has a zebra print top half in that room (and I don’t care for that treatment either!) The vanity cabinet doors are both white.. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Susan Trevisa says

    I am in the process of purchasing a house from 1940 in Miami. At first, I wanted to remodel the pink master bath, but it breaks my heart to do so. The tiles on the shower floor are not in good shape. Is there a way to keep the existing tiles and restore/replace the old. If I can do this, I will only need to change out the toilet, vanity and mirror and I will have a beautiful bathroom that reflects that period. Any suggestions?

  12. Laura says

    Save the pink bathrooms!! We have been living in a 1950’s ranch with the original pink guest bathroom for 19 years. And love it! We have updated all rooms but decided early on to keep the original pink bathroom. We are now needing to replace a few tiles. I have looked online and notice there are several colors of pink. Pink dusty rose, pink salmon, pink cotton…
    any advise on how to pick the exact pink replacement tiles?

    • Kate says

      I think you just need to order samples of any pink tiles that you think might match — also check your local ReStore or salvage yard to see if they might have some vintage tile that matches your pink. Good luck!

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