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  1. Gracie says

    To be honest… I’m so sick of hearing “Pop” from designers, I want to hurl! Pop of color… pop pop pop! What did they say before that? I can’t even remember! 🙂

  2. says

    It is! A girlfriend and I decided that it was okay as long as women had a complimentary room. We like the term “lady lair.” 🙂

  3. says

    I vote for the colors of your pie chart! By coincidence, I am retro-re-decorating my living room with these same colors. I suppose it is my “lady lair,” but my family keeps barging in. Oh well.

  4. Trouble says

    I’m sick of the term. Just wanted to make that clear. It sounds like a phrase invented by TV home improvement metrosexuals trying to compartmentalize everything. YUCK!

  5. Heidi Swank says

    As a linguistic anthropologist, I have become VERY interested in the proliferation of all of these “man” type terms. I actually had one of my classes list all the related words they could think of. There were words like moobs, murse, bromance, mantiques. Lots and lots of them! I am hoping to write a paper on their recent upsurge in usage. I have my theories, some of which have to do with changing gender roles. However, I won’t hop on my anthropological soapbox and bore you all! 🙂

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