Seeburg Stereophonic Model 222 Juke Box

Lust. Envy. Greed. Materialistic desire. Like Bob and Kaarin’s. Waah waah waah. Wanna wanna wanna. I also want the Gary Larson Imbeciles coffee cup, please. Clickaroo for my 10-item ebay carousel –>

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  1. DScott says

    Our mid century home doesn’t have room for a full size juke box. I solved my juke box desire by picking up a Seeburg Stereo Consolette and a MP3/iPod converter. I don;t want to post any links, but a search for wall box, consollette and jukebox CD adapter will get you to the details.

  2. Michael says

    Add me to the covet list! I’d love one of these for the recroom– and a vintage pinball machine too!

  3. Katie says

    Awesome! I’m the proud owner of a Seeburg Stereo Showcase (SS 160). It is hard to fit into a smaller bungalow-type house, DScott, but if you get creative (i.e. covering part of a window) you can do it!

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