5 willy wonka wacky wonderful shag rugs

 Yes, in my travels across the www, I spotted two places where you can buy 5′ x 8′ shag rugs in crazy wild wonderfull designs. If you are feeling the need to get your groove on, and you can’t get it going on one of these rugs, then give it up already.


  • The red waves and black wave designs (#1 and #4) — which are made of acrylic — are Jupitor shag rugs from Plummers aka Dania$299.
  • The orange and blue rugs (#2, #3 and #5) — which are all-wool — are advertised rya rugs from RugsUSA.com. Note, I found that if I clicked around for a while on the rugsUSA site, I suddenly get shown a 35% discount, and this may have been on top of a separate code for a 20% first-order discount that I was served when I first logged on. Take the codes down as you go. 35% off brings the price for one of these rugs down to about $460 for a 5×8, and it also looks like there was free shipping. Other sizes — both smaller and larger than 5×8 — were available, too. I really wanna build an entire room about Mr. Orange Guy.

Note, you can watch for vintage, too. My V’Soske (above) — original vintage — cost me about $150, as I recall.


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  1. Glamorlux Nancy says

    Wow! Total flashback to the rug in our family room in the 70’s! I hadn’t thought about it in years, but seeing that second pic brought it right back out of nowhere 🙂

  2. says

    I have an original Danish-Made (not one made in Korea, as some of them are now) Rya Rug the pattern of the 3rd rug but more like the colors of the 2nd one. I am the original owner, bought it in 1971 though the design may be older, it has had TLC and is in excellent condition. It is large, 9’x6′, and is appropriate for LR or DR area. I used it under a DR table for years, so it hasn’t had that much foot-traffic, the table legs had cushioned padding so the rug wouldn’t be damaged. The last several years I have had it rolled up in a spare bedroom, unrolling and vacuuming it every so many months just to keep it fresh. I am finally letting it go and would like it to be bought by someone who appreciates its value. Thanks to “Mad Men”, there those of you who love retro-chic! If you provide an email address, I will send you pictures.

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