Dotted Swiss curtains, pillow shams and dust ruffles — granny retro in a very good way

dotted swiss curtains from country curtainsOver on the Retro Renovation Facebook fan page, a note about Kathleen’s spectator pumps… led Marcia to recall a 1965 dress made from blue and white dotted swiss… which led me to remember that dotted swiss was a most appropriate midcentury curtain fabric. I’m pretty sure that, yes, circa 1960s, dotted swiss was the fabric of choice for frilly girls’ bedrooms — curtains and draping princessy poster beds, too. It also was commonly used as cafe curtains in kitchens, the eat-in kitchen area and in bathrooms, especially at Grandma’s house. She probably sewed the curtains herself.

Fast forward to retro-today, and I think that swiss dot curtains would be a perfectly lovely choice for sheers in a bedroom, maybe tucked behind pinch pleats (optional). There is nothing quite like the sunshine dappling through sheer draperies. The dots give the sheers just that little extra textural- and for us, retro-something.

The look: kind of softer retro… yes, grandma retro, in a very sweet way. Heck, keep the frilly valances and excessive poufy gathers at bay, and in fact, I declare Dotted Swiss: A timeless design choice.

The go-to source for dotted swiss seems to be Country Curtains, which is based just one town over from me here in the Berkshires — yay for the home team. Country Curtains has dotted swiss in both white and ivory. And, you can get matchy matchy with your pillow shams and dust ruffles; yes, in the girl’s bedroom do it.

Link: Dotted Swiss curtains, pillow shams, dust ruffles at Country Curtains.


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  1. Jeanne says

    My mom made my First Holy Communion dress out of white Dotted Swiss circa 1965. I didn’t even think about it being a mid-century fabric!

  2. Nancy says

    I had several dotted Swiss dresses growing up; most unusual (and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that color again before or since) a black dotted Swiss shirt dress made by my aunt when I was a teenager.

  3. Puddletown Cheryl says

    My ex-sister-in-law wore a short sleeved Dotted Swiss wedding gown in 1967. She is a little thing and looked darling in it.

  4. Lisa says

    Love the dotted Swiss flashback, Pam! My sister had a box of yellow and white dotted Swiss stationery, which I adored. She forked it over the night she accidentally slammed my finger in the bathroom door. 😎

  5. Susan D says

    Brings back memories – I recall having Easter dresses made of dotted swiss and organza. Eyelet was another mid-century fabric that you don’t see much of today. Country Curtains has curtains with eyelet borders that are a little less full than the dotted swiss.

  6. Dorothy says

    I wish I knew how to pin this. This is some great info. I think I’ll do some cafe curtains in my kitchen with this fabric.

  7. Lisa says

    Oh yeah. Dotted swiss on a canopy bed. My mom actually made the canopy and bedspread for me. She got the bed at a garage sale. It was a light green “pickled” finish. Then she painted all my furniture to match. I don’t really want the bed anymore, but wish I could have those bookshelves back!

    I also wore white dotted swiss for First Communion and a hipper form of dotted swiss as the flower girl at my aunt’s wedding. That dress was yellow with a large daisy print, but still with the raised dots as well. How upset I was when I found out the bridesmaids’ dresses would be backless halter-style and I would have a little-girl-appropriate sleeveless style. At least I also got a shawl to wear in church even though I really didn’t need to cover anything up.

  8. Peggy says

    For those of you that sew, I have noticed that my Hancock Fabrics here in Austin has both eyelet and dotted swiss fabrics! My 6 year old requested green eyelet fabric for her bedroom curtains. 🙂

    • Kelley says

      Thanks for the heads up about Hancock Fabrics! I will check the store here in KC. I’ve been wanting some affordable dotted swiss for little girl’s clothes and maybe even my kitchen windows. It’s so classically cute!

  9. Joyce Wagner says

    Ah memories! My first place of my own was a 60’s house trailer complete with the turquoise kitchen appliances and sink. I made dotted swiss curtains to put over the sink and also in my cute little bedroom that I painted butter yellow.

  10. says

    Ooh! I’ve been trying to figure out what we’ll do to soften up the girls’ rooms–we have the horizontal, rectangular “slit” windows that pretty much no curtain fits. This would be a lovely way to warm up the window treatments the previous owners left for us.

  11. Sara from NJ says

    Oh yes, dotted swiss! Hope it makes a comeback. I am so out of it, a few years ago I wanted to make some curtains and thought dotted swiss would be a good choice. Went to Joanne’s Fabrics and asked for it – saleslady looked at me like I had three heads and said, “What’s that?” I felt OLD.

  12. tammyCA says

    I’ve always loved dotted swiss, especially in curtains. I know it is nearly impossible to find and I am thinking of just ordering from Country Curtains if I don’t find some vintage fabric for the girls room. I thrive on lots of sunlight & open windows in my home and always like thin, fluttery curtains.

  13. neca says

    Target has some lovely dotted swiss curtains – I have a set as sheers under some vintage curtains in my guest room.

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