Dark Shadows, 1972: A 1970s decorating tsunami on its way, for sure

I cannot wait. I simply cannot wait. Dark Shadows 2012 set in 1972: Johnny Depp. Tim Burton. Vampires, witches and sullen teens. The Music. Crashing disco balls. Yes indeed, the 1970s decorating tsunami is heading our way. Some of my 1970s stories:


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  1. Jackie says

    Amazing, since Jonathan Frid, the original actor that played Barnabas Collins just passed away 2 weeks ago April 13.

    • pam kueber says

      Yes, it’s all cycles. In decorating, I would say: the new generation buys what grandma and grandpa had, out of nostalgia but also because it’s what they can afford. They buy what’s *cheap* because they don’t have much money and then make it trendy…

  2. Jeanne says

    I can’t wait!! Looks fab! I remember rushing home from school to watch Dark Shadows and Barnabas everyday. lol

    • Marta says

      Oh, my, what memories. Our bus stopped at the corner at 3:05pm, and my best friend and I would race down the street to her grandmother’s to watch. Most days, we only missed the first 7 minutes. And, sugar cookies. Her grandmother made amazing sugar cookies.

  3. Kelly M says

    We watched it every day after school tool, until my little sister started peeing the bed at night because she was so scared. Mom made it stop. So bummed.

  4. Cara says

    Yay Dark Shadows! My husband makes fun of me saying I’m the only person my age who knows this used to be a TV show and actually has watched most of the series (reruns in the 90’s). Most of the episodes are on Netflix instant for anyone who wants to reminisce/start watching.

  5. Laura says

    Well goodie, since I’m renovating my 1970s era kitchen as we speak. Nice to be “trendy” instead of “dorky” for a change. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve always been amazed by the 70s. There was mediterranean style design elements, and medieval style influences, the last gasp of colonial revival style, the influence of art nouveau, the craft movement, the back to the land movement, and all the earthy, intense colors and creative typography. It’s hard to believe all that design creativity was contained in a decade!

  6. Chris says

    When I was little – quite little – I used to run across the alley and bug the old lady that lived there. She and I used to watch Dark Shadows together! I must have been 5 years old! I don’t really remember it, but I think that is a hilarious story. Not exactly appropriate viewing for a little kid!

    I used to say that Johnny Depp was my secret boyfriend ( used to, as in a year ago!) But I broke up with him for Robert Downey Jr. (Hee hee!)

    Cannot wait to see this movie!

  7. Larry says

    Has anyone else seen that HGTV ad that is sort of a 70s put down? Only to me it is rather refreshing with episode after episode of granite counter-tops as far as the eye can see.

    • pam kueber says

      Yes! I actually tried to get the ad from HGTV so that I could show it on the blog but I was sent to a black hole of legalise. I agree: The ad was great and showed some rooms with some great features that the show seemed to be treating with DERISION. Poo on them. Just poo.

  8. J D Log says

    Looking forward to this when it eventually comes out to Australia the settings and the dark humor in Edward Scissorhands blew me away

  9. says

    Wow. Not 3 weeks ago I was telling my hubby about the daytime soap opera, Dark Shadows.
    1967, a suburb of Tacoma, WA, I was 13 years old attending junior high school. The school was on the other side of an abandoned graveyard that was across the street from our house. I would walk to and from school through this graveyard. Being in the Northwest, it was often foggy (do do do dooo) Anyway, I would run home everyday after school to watch Dark Shadows!
    When I found out that Johnny Depp (my all time *deep sigh*) was in a movie about Dark Shadows… and it is a comedy… I thought… THIS IS THE BEST EVER!!!!!!
    Thanks for posting this!

  10. JKaye says

    I wasn’t a fan of Dark Shadows, but my little sister and her friends were crazy about it. They would have been in mid-elementary school through early junior high during its run. They watched it after school down in our paneled basement family room, of course. My best memory of Dark Shadows was when I waited until they were all seated in the dark, watching the show, and then I went outside and made scratching noises on the basement window. They all went running up the basement steps and out the kitchen door, screaming their heads off. When they figured out what I’d done, they were so mad at me because I made them miss part of the show. It now occurs to me that maybe I wasn’t a fan of the show because it would have meant sitting in the basement with my little sister and her friends, which would NOT have been cool.

    • pam kueber says

      Yes, I know, it’s going to take some getting used to. I plan to continue covering it all — 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and yes, even the occasional 80s, though I myself am having trouble imagining that!

      • Chris says

        Oooo, Oooo, Ooo, (Horshack imitation, homage to the 70s)
        More 30s and 40s please! ๐Ÿ™‚

        When I read what Sherree said, I agreed in my head, but didn’t say anything, since I know so many of us dig the groovy 70s.

        I really think it would make a fascinating psychological research project to know what it is that turns us on or off of different time periods.

        I was born in 66, so my childhood was smack in the 70s. I had a very nice childhood, so my associations should be good, right? But — not being ugly here, just honest — most everything about the 70s totally creeps me out. Yucky clingy clothes, grungy looking people — now I know that’s not a universal truth, by any means, but I think everyone looked like they needed a haircut, a shave, and a bath!

        Does the nostalgic love of past decades more often fall within the time frame of our OWN childhoods? Or does it skip a generation? Are more people drawn to the days of their parents’ childhoods?

        I think it would be really interesting!

        And — no meanness meant to the 70s, there! Peace, man! Far out!

        • sherree says

          Chris, I totally agree with you. I am a hair older (just turned 50) so I remember a few things from the 60’s but mostly the 70’s I also had a wonderful childhood, We were middle class and Mom stayed home. She was the queen of thrift and could do it all: decorate, sew, paint, lay flooring, you name it. We moved into a brand new 1973 ranch and she decorated it with all the latest furnishings. Harvest gold appliances, mirror tiles in the entry, swinging saloon doors in the kitchen and gaudy Spanish style decor in the living room. As much as I have fond memories of my life there, looking back at photos it was just plain awful. The only tasteful thing I remember was my white and gold French Provincial bedroom set complete with hot pink and lime green bedding, curtains and rugs.
          I gravitate to the 50’s and 60’s so maybe you are right, we skip a generation?

          • Chris says

            It would be very fascinating to find out statistically how it plays out!

            I was re-reading what I wrote about my impressions of the 70s, then I laughed — maybe my town just had a large number of filthy-looking people! ๐Ÿ™‚

            I also loved my bedroom! Hot pink carpet, pink and multi plaid bedspread with matching curtains, white painted furniture with gold trim!

            And I did love my aunts massive sectional sofa — she had a bunch of the square ottoman pieces, so it practically filled up the room.

            Anyway…. maybe Pam will do a survey! (hint hint!) Do you gravitate to the style of your childhood? Or that of a generation (or more) before?

    • Jackie says

      Sheree, I SO agree. I turned 50 this year so I remember both the 60’s and the 70’s. I remember the petite and clean look of the Danish Modern furniture that my folks had from the sixties and kept throughout the seventies compared to my best friend’s house where her parents had updated their home to the heavy gaudy Spanish look complete with conquistadors hanging on the wall, long avocado green shag carpet, and the biggest heaviest table lamps I had ever seen in my life. I’ll hang on to the 50’s and 60’s.

  11. jmb says

    please dear god no! make it stop! can we please stick to 45-65, when things were well made and worth saving?

    • pam kueber says

      I’ll try to keep a balance – 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s. But I’m gonna cover it all. I hear you re: quality, though, that is always a consideration when you are going to buy something vintage, or new. Hey, I still tend to think that anything made in the 70s is better than most stuff made TODAY.

  12. tracie says

    I became obsessed with Dark Shadows in middle school (the ’91 version, which led me to reruns of the original on SciFi).

    On a related note, we are currently painting our lr/dr Martha Stewart’s Burlap, which is actually this really mustard-y shade with just an undercurrent of pumpkin. It’s awesome! Now I need some macarame hangings…

  13. says

    I also used to rush home after school so I could get the crap scared out of me! Little did I know I lived just about 10 miles away from Collingswood Manor, and Barnabas Collins’ crypt (in the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow.) Now I live just the next town over! And they did much of the filming there too. I absolutely can’t wait for this, and was happy they made it camp rather than tried to make it too creepy.
    XXX Suzanne

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