Ode to a Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin ginormous flower power sofa sectional

milo baughman for thayer coggin sectionalOh Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin 1960s round sofa sectional in original gold and taupe flower power print, how beautiful art thou.

round sofa sectional 1960s vintage by milo baughman for thayer cogginI bumped into this sofa while researching another story.

flower power upholstery on milo baughman for thayer coggin sectionalIt is my new dream sofa.

Is a “neutral flower power” design an oxymoron?

Alas (or thank goodness), it is sold. Looks like it was $9,800.

milo baughman for thayer coggin sofa sectionalThe sofa is from BG Galleries in Hingham, Mass. — not too far from me at all, I must go. You can look at lots of delicious photos from this store on BG Galleries’ Facebook page; warning: it is a black hole where the space/time continuum and your pocketbook will likely fracture. The store won “Best of Boston 2011”. The magazine says it has a “cult-like following” among in-the-know designers. BG’s 1st Dibs auctions are here; I believe this is where McDreamy met its new match. Thank you, BG Galleries owner Peter, for giving me permission to feature all these photos. It was fun kibbitzing with you online Friday night; we have no life; oh, yes we do: Mid Mod Madness.

The Milo above — which I featured on the blog several years ago — is equally round-licious. Can you believe the owner — a flickr friend (click to the photo above to get to her flickr page) — once entered it in a nation’s ugliest sofa contest? I know that she knows now — what with the midcentury modern crazed design world finally arrived — that her sofa (purchased for a song 10 years ago) is an absolute treasure. See? See! It’s all about perspective— we think (or are told) things are *ugly* when they are in an unpopular phase… but then like 50 years pass, and we realize (or are told) they are *beautiful*. Fashion is so silly.

And oh, guess what? You can still get a smaller (it seems?) version of this sofa from Thayer Coggin today. Yes, they have a Milo line. I’m gonna guess it costs as much as a new small car. And it wouldn’t include 1960s, mid mod velvet gold and brown flower power upholstery.

Are there more of you vintage Milos… original crazy upholstery… out there in the wild… awaiting for your renewed glory? Reveal yourself, we love you.


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  1. Marion says

    My aunt has offered me her red vinyl ‘womb-style’ Milo lounge chair and ottoman….. I have such vivid memories of how wonderful that enormous chair is.

    And I think my new house may indeed be big enough to hold such an item – the chair/ottoman set is a statement in any room and commands a lot of attention.

    But it needs a total re-stuffing and re-covering, so I need to find a way to get an estimate before moving it to my place….

    If you’d like to see a pic, let me know; I have 2 photos (including the damage).

  2. says

    Whoa! Thanks for the heads up on BG Galleries – I’m totally stopping by there when I’m back up in Mass for Mem Day weekend!

    Now I just have to convince Retro Roadhusband that I need the Big Car in case I make any Impulse Purchases 🙂

  3. lexavline says

    OK, completely random thought here: I noticed on curbed.com that the house where a certain “for mature audiences” film from the 70’s was filmed is on the market. It’s listed as a “tear down,” although I saw nothing wrong with it, except for maybe some furniture choices. One of these couches could look great around the fire pit living room! Here’s the link to the story, totally PG:-)


    • Just another Pam says

      I’ll confess that I’ve seen the movie up to “the kitchen scene with her Mom” where my apparently endless case of the giggles made me leave the area and then read a book….but….I like the house. Would have to redo the kitchen though as I’m laughing as I type but a very cool house for all that.

  4. Christa says

    I just got the new DWR catalog and they are bringing back several Milo Baughman designs, including the 74 recliner (selling for $2800). Good thing we rescued one of those from a friend who was taking it to the dump. You don’t suppose they will want it back now?

  5. Annie B. says

    Ring around the Rosie! I’d pay money just to lounge on this beast for an hour or so. I love love love it.

  6. says

    I don’t think this couch would be full if I had my entire extended family over for drinks… how many people does this seat?!?!?! Very, very cool!

  7. says

    Oh beautylicious! If I had one of those sofas I’d even buy a new to me ‘old’ house to fit it into just so I could keep it.

  8. Daizy says

    I’ve been in love with that beautiful and perfect sofa for a long time. Sometimes I go to my pintrest just to gaze at it longingly. The closest I’ll likely ever get is the cool phone cover I bought for my cell phone. Friends some over and we start talking about retro goodies -> I pull up pintrest so they can see the amazing neutral powerful flower sofa -> then show them my phone with the case that looks like it was designed with that sofa in mind -> many ooo’s and aahhh’s.

    If it was anything else it might be considered a problem, but when folks finally see that sofa they totally get it!

  9. Staci Q. says

    I just picked up this sofa from an estate sale in a nubby mustard yellow fabric and the circular revolving coffe table to match! It’s AMAZING. I can’t wait to get home and just look at it! Sigh! Happiness is a mustard yellow, scratchy retro couch!

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