Bootie Queen

It’s What All The Fashionistas Are Wearing This Season

plastic booties to put on your feet when you are doing a home renovation projectOf course, it’s only now that my office studio remodel is almost done that I discover that you can buy plastic booties to put over your shoes or socks when you are working in a dusty area doing your home improvement project. Denise was here last week helping. We spent like 30 hours in that room. We wore our socks the whole time. I think I pretty much destroyed three pairs. Then, electrician dude is here this week and I see these. I love these. I did like TWO PHOTOS SHOOTS with these plastic booties to wear when you are remodeling your house. I STYLED THIS PHOTO, I peaked up the little bootie points and modeled H2T just like Tyra teaches on ANTM. I did not choose new socks, though, these are what I was really wearing. I wanted to *keep it real*

I called Pignatelli Electric, my electricians, they said the guys just these booties them at Carr Hardware (nearby hardware store) or Caligari’s (Lenox hardware store.) I also jumped over the ULine Catalog, where you can get all kinds of Booties in bulk. In my experience, Uline always has an amazing selection and great prices; my husband wants to buy stock in Uline, but we think it’s a private company. Indeed, search “booties” on Uline and 14 listings snap crackle pop right up: Super Booties, Water Resistant booties, Skid Resistant  booties, Boot booties, Polypropylene booties, and Kinetic Bootie Butlers to store your booties efficiently. However, I don’t think I see any booties as cute as mine. The cute pointy toe makes a big difference, it elongates and also has that I Dream of Jeannie retro vibe.


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  1. Jeanne says

    The cable guy put booties on when he came into my home. 🙂

    And Uline rocks. They must spend a fortune on catalogs. We constantly get new ones mailed to work.

  2. says

    haha it’s Retro Renovation Elf Pam! (I think it is pretty funny that you’re wearing Christmas socks plus the pointy toes are reminiscent of elf shoes!!) I suppose it will feel like Christmas morning when your office project is done! 🙂

    • pam kueber says

      We wear our Novelty Socks here year-round! Gotta love those Old Navy after-the-holiday’s-over sales!

  3. says

    We always use blue booties for home tours around here – even in summer. The laugh for me was, I only saw the title of this post at first and I was wondering what you were going to say about your bootie!

  4. Melanie says

    Never mind the booties, I love that cork tile under them!

    My plumber used to wear those booties when he came to the house. He’s been here so often though, he’s realized my floors are dirtier than his boots. We’re thinking about adopting him since we’ve basically paid off all his student loans. LOL!

  5. midmichigan says

    Quite lovely. Don’t make the mistake and forget to accessorize with the proper accoutrements of the matching pointy hat and handbag. See you on the cover of Renovation Fashion Quarterly!

  6. Marta says

    Booties are one of my favorite uses for old vinyl tableclothes. Or, new ones, for that matter. Yes, I’ve sewed some elastic to them, but when I’m in a hurry, I just gather the folds around my ankles and fasten with paint tape. It’s good for a couple of refastens. I’ve also hacked the end off disposable drop covers in a pinch.

  7. says

    We are wrapping up our four and a half month 160 foot addition to the bathrooms plus one. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT BOOTIES? Always room for improvement in home improvement!

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