Punch List Progress Tracker

I am super duper close to finishing My Punch List to finish my Office Studio Remodel is Done. I have begun blogging again while I squeeze in time to finish this list. I am Determined. Punch List Progress Tracker:

Punch Item Status
Caulk ceiling trim to fill gaps. Done. Became unnecessary because new, darker trim hides gaps.
Repaint ceiling trim another color because first color is not right. Be really careful, because trim is already nailed up there. Oh, and carpet is back in, so be sure to lay tarp etc. in case of spills. Done. Had to tape ceiling with blue painter’s tape. Huge PITA.
Take 2 Advil. (Wednesday morning) Done.
Second coat will be necessary. Done. This is a big one. Heading into the home stretch now!
Final coat of paint around door and window – the flat part, not the decorative part. Done.
Hit tricky spot where wallpaper is not sticking well with another coat of wall size. (Yes, there is wallpaper involved). Done.
Finish tricky wallpaper spot. Done. This is also a huge one. The END of this project is in sight.
Prime wood shelving side 1. Let dry. Done.
Flip over and prime wood shelving side 2. Let dry. Done.
Paint wood shelving side 1. Let dry. Done.
Flip over and paint wood shelving side 2. Let dry. Done.
Second coat: Flip over and paint wood shelving side 1. Let dry. Done.
Take 2 Advil. (Thursday morning) Done.
Second coat: Flip over and paint wood shelving side 2. Let dry. I am skipping this step, because you can’t see the bottom of the shelves when they are installed, and because my patience with this project is on its last legs. Good enough & Done.
Call Kevin and remind him he needs to come back and (1) add bit of trim to shelf on bathroom wall and (2) put in shelf grommet thingies. Done.
Figure out the “creative thing” to do with the shelf trim. Do it. Multiple steps, I repeat: Shoot me. Done.
Install shelves. Easy. This really isn’t even a step, but it gets in because of item above. Done.
Install new vent cover for ductwork coming out of ceiling. (Hope it really fits cuz you aren’t sure.) Done. Got to use “The Claw.” Fits.
Go out and buy attachment brackets for vintage shutters. BTW, who has this kind of hardware? I hope it’s easy to find. (Yes, there are vintage shutters involved.) Ordered online.
Get hardware onto vintage shutters. Done.
Install vintage shutters into window. Done.
Clean new/old curtains going into window. Done.
Sew new/old curtain panels together and re-hang. Done.
Assemble rug shampooer purchased from Target July 2011. I have a feeling this is not going to be fun. At all. Deferred to late date.
Shampoo carpet while room still is empty. Deferred to later date.


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  1. says

    You are painting the ceiling…again? You realize this is actually the 3rd color? and after that trim is up? crazy!!! I just might have to ‘shoot’ you! LOL 🙂 Oh me, oh my, isn’t this fun?

  2. JKaye says

    Impressive that you made this list to help you get things done. Unfortunately, you probably will discover a few more things to add to the list! That’s the way such projects go. Be careful while standing on a ladder painting that trim!

  3. Lynne says

    A helpful little hint on painting shelves. Take a scrap piece of board, mdf, drywall, or whatever you have on hand. Pound at least 4 skinny nails all the way through. Then, perch the shelf on top of the nail points. You can then paint the top, and the sides. Then, touching the unpainted ends, flip the shelf. Then you can paint the other side, and the edges, while the previous side drys. The tiny nails won’t leave a mark, and your edges will be nice and crisp.

  4. says

    “Figure out the “creative thing” to do with the shelf trim. Do it. Multiple steps, I repeat: Shoot me.

    Under way.”

    Which part is under way? I hope not the shooting…you’re in the (long) homestretch Pam.

    Don’t you love drawing a line to cross of the done parts! Am I the only person who adds things to my list that are already done just so I can get the satisfaction of crossing them off?

    • pam kueber says

      Yes, absolutely: I add things that come up and get done just so’s I can cross them off my list!

  5. Dave Bramblette says

    Hey Pam, Check out Vandykes.com for shutter hardware. They deal in reproduction antique hardware and have a decent selection.

  6. says

    I love lists & crossing things off as I get them done! Good job! Have you ever tried “Purdy” brand trim paint brushes? I painted my entire bedroom without the pain of painters tape. The brushes are awesome!

  7. hannah says

    Your list is quite extensive, and I’m very impressed so much of it is marked “Done”!!

    I just started a list of house renovation priorities. I’ll print one out for HIM, and one for me, after we review the list separately we’re going to compare them to see who thinks what is most important. Ought to be interesting to say the least.

    Already touched on:
    Me: built out part of basement for my future office
    Him: Save for roof (the roof has 10 years left on it!!!) *sigh*

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