Punch list

flocked wallpaperYou know that point in a project where all the huge stuff is behind you…  you are so close to “done”…  and you get all excited?

flocked wallpaperIt’s a huge sigh of relief, because the project has consumed your life. Chaos wreaked upon the household. For weeks.

flocked wallpaperThere are a few *little* things left to do, sure. Even so, you are so happy it’s almost done!

flocked wallpaperBut then, you write out the punch list step-by-step, and POP! goes your happiness balloon. You are so sick of this project, will it ever be over.

flocked wallpaperHurray! Hurray!: My office studio remodel is “done”. Except for *a few little things*, shoot me:

flocked wallpaper1. Caulk ceiling trim to fill gaps.

flocked wallpaper2. Repaint ceiling trim another color because first color is not right. Be really careful, because trim is already nailed up there. Oh, and carpet is back in, so be sure to lay tarp etc. in case of spills.

flocked wallpaper3. Second coat will likely be necessary.

flocked wallpaper4. Final coat of paint around door and window – the flat part, not the decorative part.

flocked wallpaper5. Hit tricky spot where wallpaper is not sticking well with another coat of wall size. (Yes, there is wallpaper involved).

flocked wallpaper6. Finish tricky wallpaper spot.

flocked wallpaper7. Prime wood shelving side 1. Let dry.

flocked wallpaper8. Flip over and prime wood shelving side 2. Let dry.

flocked wallpaper9. Paint wood shelving side 1. Let dry.

flocked wallpaper10. Flip over and paint wood shelving side 1. Let dry.

flocked wallpaper11. Flip over and paint wood shelving side 2. Let dry.

flocked wallpaper12. Repeat step 10.

flocked wallpaper13. Repeat step 11.

flocked wallpaper14. Call Kevin and remind him he needs to come back and (1) add bit of trim to shelf on bathroom wall and (2) put in shelf grommet thingies.

flocked wallpaper15. Figure out the “creative thing” to do with the shelf trim. Do it. Multiple steps, I repeat: Shoot me.

flocked wallpaper16. Install shelves. Easy. This really isn’t even a step, but it gets in because of #15.

flocked wallpaper17. Install new vent cover for ductwork coming out of ceiling. (Hope it really fits cuz you aren’t sure.)

flocked wallpaper18. Go out and buy attachment brackets for vintage shutters. BTW, who has this kind of hardware? I hope it’s easy to find. (Yes, there are vintage shutters involved.)

flocked wallpaper19. Get hardware onto vintage shutters.

butterfly wallpaper20. Install vintage shutters into window.

butterfly wallpaper21. Assemble rug shampooer purchased from Target July 2011. I have a feeling this is not going to be fun. At all.

butterfly wallpaper22. Shampoo carpet while room still is empty.

That is my “punch list.” Do the math. How many hours of *little* things left? 20? 30? Erica Berger is coming on May 26 to take photos with me and Denise. After that, there will be a big ta-da reveal.

I gotta get this done. I am going to disappear again for another 2-3 days to try and barrel through this list so we can be ready. So it can be done.

Note: There is no vintage pink flocked butterfly wallpaper specifically involved with this project. But, vintage pink flocked butterfly wallpaper did come into my life because of this project — and that is a good thing. I will explain more later. Enjoy.


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    • says

      That wallpaper is awesome on screen, so much better in person. If I had pink going on in my house, I definitely would have swiped it and feigned innocence of such a criminal act!

  1. says

    GO PAM! you are almost finished and YOU CAN DO IT!

    I hope you have “Celebratory cocktails” as the last thing on your list!


    • Carol says

      Posting all that had to be time-consuming and as busy as you are!! Thank you for sharing. Now you’ve got us as excited as you are about seeing the grand finale! 🙂 Power to the Footies!

  2. Marta says

    Excuse me for a minute, please. I’m having a heart-longing fit of sighing over this wall paper. It involves white shutters and my almost one year old granddaughter. It also involves the daffodil yellow vintage ethan allen bedroom set I just saw on ebay this morning that comes with the entire room plan desk, dresser, hutches, double four poster bed and chevil mirror. None of which I can afford.

    Can’t wait to see your office!!! Looking is all I can afford to do this month, lol.

  3. Lauryn says

    I think we all can relate, Pam, but you can do it! Majorly impressed that you got so much done in such a short time already!

    BTW, there’s a Robert Earl Keen song called “It’s the Little Things” that I always start singing around this time in a project. Nothing to do with projects, but the end line of the chorus is “It’s the little things that piss me off”. Great stress reliever to sing really loud while you’re doing the little things.

  4. says

    That wall paper is absolutely AMAZING! Want!
    Good luck with the punch list: it’s always that last 10% that gets you, but it’s the difference between an okay project and a spectacular one.

  5. Lynne says

    Hey Pam! I can’t access your home page via retrorenovation.com. I get a crazy welcome thing. Your other pages seem to be working fine. You might want to check on things.

    • pam kueber says

      I disabled CDN. Can you try again and let me know what happens? Also can you tell me your city and the company that provides your internet?

  6. says

    The dreaded PUNCH list. We just finished ours. All done! Sort of. Well, we still have the landscaping to tidy up that was destroyed in the construction and I have a few things **ahem** on order. Then there is the kitchen. Done, what is done?

  7. Becky Leach says

    I understand. Sometimes, too, you JUST CAN’T FINISH the “last little things” because they are so little, you’ve gone on to bigger things, and so they wait and wait and wait….

    Two examples: I worked on redecorating (and that required thrifting and CListing and driving around and heavy lifting by two old people and refinishing, etc.) my entire living room from last November till….ONE last thing needs to be done: new covers for two foam seat cushions. Status: still waiting two months later.

    This example is ridiculous: redecorated the master bedroom since March (pretty easy, as the Broyhil “Emphasis” suite just required a long drive and more heavy lifting by old people) BUT all I need to finish is sew cafe curtains (in my sleep, practically!) and–literally–pick up off the floor two pictures in frames that I decided to remove from the scheme, and figure out where to store them or whatever…

    I’ve so run out of steam, those pictures just sit there, on the floor, leaning against my new/old chest of drawers, reproaching me day, after day, after day……

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