Knotty pine love: Upload photos of your knotty pine rooms

betty crafter's knotty pine kitchenMy office studio remodel is not the only project I have up my sleeve. Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone: I’m also working on a new little website all about, yes, the Knotty Pine. Alas, the whole wide world doesn’t quite understand — like Betty Crafter (above) and Eartha Kitsch and Jeff and Lynne and a whole bunch of us do — that knotty pine can be a gosh-darned wonderful thing.

Can you help me tell the knotty pine story — by sharing photos of your knotty pine kitchens, dens, basements, sunrooms, tiki bars — all your knotty pine galore (bathrooms, even!) —  that I can use on the new website? It’s easy to upload your photos, below. I will be so grateful!  Get out your camera — most all cameras today do a great job, cell phones, too! Use natural light, and get artsy fartsy with your angles (get up on a ladder… lay down on the floor… take wide shots… take detail and accessories shots… Have fun — let’s show ‘em that knotty can be nice! Instructions on how upload your photos follow:

Upload photos of the knotty pine in your house, belowTips:

  • If you can figure out the setting, please set your camera to no bigger than “medium” images, so files aren’t too large — large files really slow down the slide show. 
  • (2) Uploader DOES work but message you get on screen *may be* funky and confusing. Upload ONCE and trust the image it there — I just need to “set new photos free” from my control panel and will be checking hourly to do so. 
  • (3) Terms of Use apply.

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Tips to view slide show: Click on first image… it will enlarge and you can also read my captions… move forward or back via arrows below the photo… you can start or stop at any image:

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  1. Alice says

    In picture #84, is that bamboo floors with knotty pine ceilings? The white with it is gorgeous. I’ll get either a white granite or marble when I change out the counter of my soon2B knotty pine kitchen. I thought about painting the kitchen and dining room a soft sage green. Yes? No? Thanks for the visual idea.

  2. Monica L. says

    I would cry, watching those HGTV shows that decried knotty pine and immediately painted over it. So glad to see it is being appreciated. Our neighbors had a knotty pine den and it was the paneling in our basement. Always loved the warm, rustic look of knotty pine.

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