Retro headsets for your cell phone

retro headset for your cellphone

These retro headsets to connect to your cell phone have shown up a couple times on the blog and then it seems Kate has one, too. Readers were all like, “I need one of those!” So, I jumped over to Amazon, and sure enough you can get these old school style hand sets (they are not really headsets) to plug into your mobile phone, from what looks to be several different manufacturers, in all kinds of retro colors. A fun gift for Dad for Father’s Day, maybe??

I am not sure of the quality, methinks not great. But heck, you are going to just have these around the house, right? Also, it seems there are some wireless ones if you have bluetooth or something like that — yet another wireless device to lose track of around the house. Disclosure: I get a spiff if you buy anything from Amazon once you click in via any links or widgets; helps keep the blog boat afloat. But don’t feel compelled — I bet you could also find these at Best Buy or even places like Walmart.


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  1. Adrienne B says

    I actually got that exact handset for my Mom for Mother’s day. She loves it. You can actually hear her on the phone now since she isn’t wiggling the phone around and moving her mouth away from the microphone. And she can hear you better, too. Totally worth it, even if it breaks in a year (thought the Amazon reviews were fairly positive…)

  2. nina462 says

    speaking of phones — I saw several old dial sets for sale this weekend – Does anyone know if they would work as a land line anymore?

    • says

      They do, indeed still work as a land line, though the dials won’t work if you have digital phone from a cable or internet provider – you’ll only be able to take incoming calls. You can get dial phones customized with systems that will make them work with digital phone lines, but the systems are complicated to learn and use. You can find out about them at They’re called the Rototone Pulse to Tone Converter. I have a collection of vintage phones that I use only as receivers. To dial out I have a modern cordless and a touch tone doughnut phone.

    • Stacy says

      If you have Vonage at home, then your rotary phone will work for both incoming and outgoing calls. I have one in my kitchen.

  3. says

    I’ve had my pink one since Christmas (the adorable husband got it for me!) I don’t use it all the time, but it is great for calls you know will be longer (more comfortable, doesn’t heat up). I use it with my iPhone and the only issue I’ve had is that I have to take the protective case off my iPhone in order to get the plug to go all the way in, but no biggie. It is worth the effort. I love it! 🙂

  4. June Cahill says

    I have 3 old rotary phones, Orange desk phone, Turquoise “Princess” phone, and another orange “Trimline” – all dial. All work great – of course you need to have a ‘land line’ for them to work! The sound is SO MUCH BETTER than on a cell!

    • Matt says

      Or you can get an OBi110 voice-over-IP terminal adapter from Amazon for $45, and hook it up to a Google Voice number for free. That’s worked almost flawlessly for me and my Western Electric touch-tone.

  5. Carole says

    It’s funny to me, the farther we move away from our past the more we want to go back (this cell phone receiver for instance). This is a great idea though.

    My MIL could use one of these as she has always felt the need to talk overly loudly into her cell phone. We have explained to her over and over again that even though that microphone may look tiny, it is very powerful. lol

    Everyone seems to want to ditch their land lines. I guess we’re hopelessly old fashioned, but then we don’t use the phone much anyway, land line or cell. There’s never been that ‘need’ or desire to be attached to the phone 24/7. We’ve got better things to do. lol

    I’d love to own a rotary, but the ‘press 1 now’ for those automated systems wouldn’t be an option. We’d still need a touch tone for those calls. lol

  6. Steve says

    And according to the Amazon lisiting using a handset eliminates up to 99% of the radiation compaired to direct cell phone use. Hey, less radiation – that’s a good thing too!

  7. Lee in Florida says

    Our turquoise princess works fine with our AT&T land line, only I don’t have the ringer box, so I can’t hear it ring. The first princess phones didn’t have internal ringers.

  8. Mike S says

    Awesome! Sooooo glad you posted this! Just ordered handsets my wife and me, and we can’t wait to use them!

    Now, the question I have is, will it be kosher to use them while driving? They can be used hands-free when typing, washing dishes, changing babies, and mopping the floor, so why not driving?

    (Just kidding on the driving thing:)

    • Mike S says

      I meant to say, “… handsets FOR my wife and me.”

      Proofreading. It’s not just for writers, anymore.

  9. Melanie says

    Hey, thanks for telling us about these! I will definitely be looking into one. I can’t hear well on my cell, plus it gets hot. This would be awesome!

  10. Elizabeth says

    I bought ones for me, my boyfriend, his sister, and her boyfriend for $8 each at Big Lots! 🙂 quality is iffy but if you aren’t moving around a bunch it’s just fine 🙂

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