Time capsule lighting store liquidation sale — 104 years… 10,275 s.f… St. Louis, of course

 Proof again: All the Best Stuff’s In St. Louis. Thanks to Stacy for this great tip about the clear-out of a 104 year old lighting business. The estatesales.net listing says: 

… After 104 years, Kalb Electric is closing. Saturday’s parking lot sale is just part of the liquidation of the 10,275 square foot building. The retail shop offers 40% off regular prices seven days a week. The lot sale will be greater depending on the item…. Sale includes new-in-the-box, vintage and antique light fixtures, lamps, shades and some bulbs… and more.

Link: Time capsule lighting store liquidation in St. Louis.


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  1. Patty says

    It’s interesting that they are “allowing” parking on another business on a Saturday morning. The person who answered the phone at the business wasn’t aware if this was approved or not.

  2. George K. says

    I just stopped by Kalb after work today not knowing there was going to be a post about the sale. Lots of neat stuff (ceiling, table, outdoor fixtures). I was looking for a wide-base large bulb for my 1940s torchiere lamp that was my grandparents. They had one and the employee put the bulb on the front counter because I wanted to look around. The owner ended up selling it to a couple that walked in after me! The employee nor I had no idea what had happened at first. Luckily, they had one more. They are getting harder to find. My parents had bought a yellow-metal-with-white-glass-globe hanging lamp from Kalb in either ’70 or ’71. I was either 4 or 5 and still remember the other hanging lamp they were choosing between (saw it years later online). It was sold at my grandparents’ estate sale in ’94. What a difference a decade plus can make as to what’s “in” again!
    Warning: there’s a lot of fixtures in the center of the store (rather than the back) that are not for sale but are actually repaired items for customers to pick up. I touched a few after noticing the tags were different and the owner having told me…whoops!

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