106 photos of readers’ retro patios, porches, decks, sunrooms

vintage woodard patio furnitureUploader is closed, but come back every Friday to see what we’re uploading this weekend. And — click on through to see all 106 photos of readers’ patios, porches, decks, sun rooms — all their outdoor spaces.
Heck to the yeah, hello, summer weekend! Between projects, be sure to fire up your barbeques — and to charge the camera batteries — because in this weekend’s Share Your Photos Festival, it’s patios, decks, sun porches, Florida rooms — all your summer spaces, gone retro, of course. Seems like everyone has patios and such on the like — over the past several months, I’ve received quite a few emails on this topic. April’s note was the most recent:
Hi Pam!First, so enjoy your blog. It’s been my daily go to for our 1954 home we recently purchased. I was wondering if you would consider doing a post requesting pics of mid century sun rooms, porches and patios.
The living room post was such a hit, I thought this would be a perfect time to get inspired from what others are doing with their summer spaces. I just repainted our 1960’s Russell Woodard set and had the cushions redone in NOS vintage fabric for our little summer porch project.  I think I was thrilled most to find an upholsterer. He was a godsend from Angie’s List, and the NOS vintage 60’s fabric was a deal on the bay. We purchased the home from the original owner, and of course first thought was to rip the indoor/outdoor out, but it’s kind of grown on me for now, and it’s comfy underfoot. Oh, and gotta love those roman wood shades 😉 There’s still a few things to do…and of course the dream is to replace that bear giving the high five with a Preway. The patio pic [see it below in the gallery] was an afterthought, that’s where I need inspiration; water feature, color…It will be great to get some ideas from your wonderful readers. Kate’s recent post of her darling tiki porch has me tempted to grab some of those tiki masks off Amazon! Thanks again for all the info and inspiration. p.s. tell Kate thanks for posting my “clean” L-Shaped Living Room today, such a treat 🙂 I’m so excited for the uploads! That will be fun to see. Thanks so much again, Best to you & Kate,
Thank you, April. Lucky girl you, all that beauteous vintage Woodard patio furniture… the NOS fabric… and you know I love those 1970s wood shades. Groovy, baby.
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  1. Kathryn says

    Good Morning! I woke up today and realized I mis-labeled the furniture! It is actually “Homecrest” Oops! Sorry!
    I’m beginning to see more and more of it now. There are tall back chairs. full coffee tables and it was made in a green floral pattern. It’s super sturdy! That pic was taken in Indianapolis and we have since moved to Northern California. We’ll see about the effects of the ocean air on it.

    I LOVE all the pics in this post! Gleaned some good ideas from it too!
    Thanks Pam!

  2. Noir says

    Awww, I guess my previous comment didn’t post for some reason? I just wanted to say that the apron banner was an awesome idea, since you can only wear one at a time and I’ve been looking for some way to display part of vintage apron collection.
    *crosses fingers and hopes this comment posts*

  3. Ann-Marie Meyers says

    I was so disappointed when we moved into our little split-level to discover after consulting three remodeling contractors the only way we could add a sunporch room off the back of our house would cost over $40,000! First problem was several things about the garage that were not up to code that would have to be redone, then the room would have to be a sunken room because the roof line of the house was so screwy the sunroom roof would stick up and show from the front of the house! The first contractor didn’t even think of sinking the room. Then, of course, we would have to do some major landscaping and grading, and heaven only knows if the city would have gone for it.
    Of course, now I am living in my Texas house. I never got back up to Wisconsin this summer as I had planned because one of my dogs has cancer, and I would rather let her end her life here where she is more comfortable.
    I keep looking at my back covered patio and thinking it is a waste of space. It has been 90-some degrees since the middle of May. Maybe I should turn it into a sunroom…..

  4. Erin says

    Hello! My question is for Jenny A. (I think). First, cute patio! I was curious about your fence panel. Where did you find it? What is it made from? We’re redoing our ranch and I think it would be perfect! I just can’t really find any good fencing options, unless I make it myself, but we don’t really want to go there!

  5. Catherine says

    I’d love to see a story on sunroom porch flooring. We are rehabbing our 50’s brick colonial. Our concrete sunroom porch is currently stained and in poor condition. At the very least, the concrete floor needs to be painted. We were also thinking about decorative tile, but after studying the Retro Renovation site, I’m not sure tile was very often used on sunroom porches during the 50’s.

  6. Suzanne says

    It would be very cool if someone still had those aluminum patios that everyone seem to have in the 50s and 60s. All have been replaced with pergolas.

  7. Karen says

    Very exciting pictures. #77-at first I thought the colored images on the shelves were baskets. When I realized they were pottery, I swooned. I have not had the good fortune you have had, my finds are not nearly as colorful. Things that were easy to come by are now not only hard to find, but overpriced. Sigh

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