Shame on you, Lowes

Special Saturday story. I usually regret it when I jump on my high horse to rant, but here goes. Cory pointed this Lowe’s commercial out to me, now available on YouTube. I’d heard about the commercial from other readers, but I had not seen it myself. Oh my word: What disrespectful destruction of what looks to be a perfectly functional bathroom. I am sure this is a set design, not a real bathroom. Still: Shame on you, Lowe’s. Shame on you for encouraging homeowners to sledgehammer reusable and recyclable materials. Shame on you for using the h*** word. Shame on you for perpetuating the notion that it is okay to be ungrateful to be able to afford a perfectly serviceable, maybe even historical vintage bathroom and instead to destroy it with evil glee, with absolutely no respect for the function and service that it has provided. To be clear: I am not against remodeling something you really do not like; this issue is one of respect and gratitude — for the function and service the old room has provided; how about let’s save our h*** and the call to action it generates for  [fill in the blank, your choice] issues that involve true human suffering (rather than the color of bathroom tiles). Oh and not to mention: This is a really stupid tv commercial — vintage pink bathrooms in great shape are increasingly desirable — midcentury modern is hot hot hot. See Midcentury Modest Manifesto. Ugh. *Note, I was highly caffeinated on first post and continue to tweak this story to reflect a (somewhat) calmer mindset.

UPDATE: Here’s my follow up story — Gut Remodel Without Guilt — in which we discuss the issue further.


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  1. rd says

    Appreciation of a pink bathroom requires some knowledge of design, history and social circumstances surrounding the period. Not to brag, but i educated myself about these things and grew to appreciate the mid century era. That said, i am strongly repelled by other design eras from earlier periods. The effect of design and architecture on people is complex.

  2. Chynna says

    My husband and I are always talking about how HGTV’s shows like Bath Crashers, Room Crashers demo everything in the room. Even if it isn’t your style there are so many reasons to donate anything that can be reused: Tax write off, helping the environment by recycling, helping someone less fortunate than you and basically, JUST DO THE RIGHT THING, recycle all that stuff!

    We don’t get why they don’t do that? It is so crazy to us! Such waste, they should really be ashamed.

  3. George says

    I h***, h***, h*** [edited] those pound-’em-’til-they’re-pumice shows and comercials. I like, like, like your post. After a long career, I’m 55 years old and about to retire. My passion in retirement? R-E-N-O-V-A-T-E a bunch of 50s-60s brick ranches. And by renovate I mean R-E-S-T-O-R-E. Pooie patooie on anybody who glories in the destruction of these pieces of irreplacable artwork.

  4. Lori says

    We had to tear out a pink tile bath to get to the rot behind it, and I do not have the resources to put it all back like it was… frugal is the game of my life right now. I have been looking for a forum that I thought was linked to here back when I was hoping to save my pink bath (maybe a few years ago!) so I could offer up my towel bars, soap dishes, TP holder, and hundreds of pounds of 4″ pink tile for sale. Lots of rounded-over edge pieces and a variety of corner pieces as well. I even have some pink formica if someone really wanted it. Does anyone know where I should go to offer these items to appreciative people?

  5. Logan says

    Goodness gracious. I’ve been trying to reconcile my Easter-yellow bathroom; tub, floor/wall tile, vanity top and all (I painted the yellow walls with a soft white, I can only handle so much yellow) with a little more contemporary look, and I simply can’t bring myself to rip any of it out (except maybe the vanity and built-in medicine cabinet, which while functional need a LOT of help). There’s a certain amount of charm my original yellow bathroom has, and while I can appreciate getting rid of a vanity (I certainly want to!) that doesn’t mean you have to demolish the whole thing! Loving this site – thanks for your passion : )

  6. Kathy says

    I’ve been a fan of RR for quite awhile now-but just saw the Save The Pink Bathroom part of it…{maybe I was avoiding it-knowing what I’d see} I
    too can no longer watch those reno shows because one too many times I witnessed sledge hammers destroying perfectly {and I am sure much better quality} bathroom & kitchens. Broke my heart one too many times!! So-I am with the STPB league all the way!!

  7. Ellen Juhnke says

    I agree, I like watching these remodeling shows to get ideas, but I really hate it when I see them destroy cabinets that look way better than most people have. I am currently putting in new kitchen cabinets, ready to assemble cabinets that were very reasonably priced. We carefully took out our old cabinets which are probably 30+ yrs old and put them on Craig’s List, not only to get a little $$ to pay for our new ones, but I cringe at destroying something that can still be used. I have 9 people who are interested in my old cabinets and countertop. So yes shame on these remodeling shows that destroy. They could donate some of that stuff..

  8. says

    OH! Those poor pink tiles!!! This makes me so sad. 🙁 My Pop was a contractor and carpenter. He used to save all the material that he took out of people’s bathrooms, especially if he felt that they were in good shape, quality and vintage. He loved the old stuff and would always say that newer supplies were just not made the same. He would go out of his way to refurbish, recycle or construct by hand before he would pour money into those big box stores. Sigh …

  9. nancy jacomella says

    I totally agree !!!
    I think it is just plain “irresponsible” to use a sledgehammer on items that could be recycled.
    I would guess that the “crashers” and other “tear’em apart shows” think that people will watch,…….
    There are few shows that I enjoy. I love to watch Nicole Curtis, a true recycler !!
    That old kitchen sink could re-purpose for a backyard garden sink to wash vegetable, move to the garage for a craft sink, etc.
    Those kitchen cabinets could move to the garage for added storage, given away, etc.
    I have had (3) remodels in the past (5) years, and not one of the contractors used a sledgehammer !!!
    Why is HGTV and DIY so intent on creating a bad image for themselves ??
    O.K. I feel better now !!

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