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  1. says

    Corn syrup and boiled beef parts…Yum!

    You’ve gotta admit, the mid-century contribution to dining (“instant” and “convenient”) left much to be desired.

    • Barb S. says

      Hee hee! Jello…

      By the way, I have a whole cookbook on sardines and hard boiled eggs. YUM! 1950s dining!

  2. jay says

    Happy fourth, Pam! The Jello is all finished. Today, it’s a blueberry buckle recipe from a 1954 Betty Crocker cook book, Something my mother made every summer when growing up. Don’t know if you saw my comment from an earlier E-Bay finds post. Vermont Country Store is featuring pink flamingoes and colored aluminum tumblers on the cover. Heck the whole catalog is retro! Enjoy the day!

  3. says

    Happy Independence Day Pam…to you and your precious loved ones. Continue to enjoy the rest of your day. Enjoy! Happy Independence Day everyone.

  4. nina462 says

    Happy 4th to everyone out there. I just picked up the new Pina Colada jello – am going to make it with fruity mini marshmallows & pineapple chunks. Yummy, I’m sure 🙂

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