Vintage travel posters made into shower curtains — sale at thru Friday noon has a whole bundle — lots more than shown here — of retro shower curtain designs (bed sheet sets) from DENY on sale now through Friday noon. These are very cool –they have that nostalgic paint by numbers feel of vintage travel posters, but the big bold graphics are contemporary, too. The colors also might be just what you need to complement the midcentury pastels in your bathroom. is a “social shopping” site — it’s the only one I like (so far), because the sales can be very good, and the stuff has COLOR.

You must join but it’s easy — (1) Click on this link –> — to join. Then, go to the homepage to get to the sales items, including these shower curtains. Disclosure: I get a spiff if you buy anything via my join-link… helps keep the blog boat afloat.


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  1. TappanTrailerTami says

    Pam, these are so awesome, every single one of them! I wish I had a mansion with enough bedrooms to do a different state in each one, LOL.

    The prices are very reasonable also, what a great find. Thanks for posting so I can have another shopping website…like I needed one!

  2. Kersten says

    Oh boy! Pam- do you think Central Park is what I NEED for the bathroom? (Still using plain ol’ white!)

        • pam kueber says

          I went and looked and compared back and forth. I think the shower curtain you like might work; my concern is that the blues might be too intense. You need to find a curtain with the exact shade (or super close to) your tiles in it somewhere…. You’d be taking a chance — but it could work. Such is the difficulty of buy-off-the-internet no-return sales, alas. But yes: Get yee a jazzy shower curtain, girl!

  3. Elaine says

    Love these! The throw pillows look pretty good, wouldn’t it be fun to have one for every place I’ve been. OMG, I have been to all those places! That is a lot of pillows. A bed cover and some different pillows?

    • Elaine says

      OK, I got three different shower curtains, Arches, California Coast and Miami. They are polyester, not plastic. My plan is to use them as a divider in my basement which has plaster walls, a black, beige fleck tile floor and unfinished ceiling. I want to make a sitting area there and also let my husband’s exercise area be a better looking place for him to hang out. This will be a really inexpensive wall that won’t be an annoying barrier for him when he wants to get to his stuff on the other side.

  4. Lori says

    You can get some cool retro or vintage shower curtains on, too. You can even upload a picture or pattern and design your own curtain

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